Friday, June 17, 2011

Dalapchand SS takes Go Green oath

DALAPCHAND: Dalapchand SS celebrates Sikkim State Green Mission yesterday at school premises. Present on the occasion were ST Bhutia, Headmaster of the school, Prakash Poudyal, Green Teacher of the school, other teaching and non-teaching staffs and students. “Go Green” oath was also taken by the teachers and the students of the school.
The program was hosted by Prakash Poudyal, Green Teacher who informed about the significance of the safeguarding of the plants for healthier tomorrow. Poudyal went on to say that recently he along with Headmaster of the School and a Green Student had attended the World Environment Day celebration at Chintan Bhawan; he said he found it very exciting and an honour to listen to the message of the Chief Minister of Sikkim who always endows prominence to the environment.
Sangam Rai, student of Class IX who had attended the World Environment Day celebration at Chintan Bhawan also spoke on the occasion. Rai said our life is incomplete without plant world and it is our duty to preserve them. If we cut a single tree we should try to plant at least ten saplings, told Rai.

ST Bhutia, Head Master of the school in his speech talked about the Sikkim State Green Mission that had been observing in Sikkim State since 2006.He said the Green Mission was launched by Chief Minister of Sikkim. Bhutia went on to say it was our Chief Minister’s dream to make our state a Green State. Such event was to promote consciousness among students the different activities related to environments
Other people to address the gathering on the occasion were Karma Bhutia (School In charge), Sushma Das Rai (student) while vote of thanks was given by UN Mishra.