Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Singtam Basibiyalo pays tribute to 18/9 Sikkim Earthquake victims; Withdraw its September episode

SINGTAM, SEPTEMBER 21: Singtam Basibiyalo, a popular monthly cultural and literature meet has decided not to hold its September 25 episode owing to the natural disaster that shattered the entire Sikkim State along with other nearby regions.
Mohan Pradhan ‘Neeraj’, Sasthapak of Singtam Basibiyalo had informed that members of Singtam Basibiyalo are highly saddened by the loss of lives and property caused by the earthquake that occurred to our state on the evening of September 18. We also pray for the speedy recovery of all those who were injured.
Since we (the town of Singtam) are also recovering from the Sunday evening frightening incident we have jointly decide not to hold our monthly program, added TB Pradhan, Advisor Singtam Basibiyalo.