Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sikkim's maiden Guru Tshen Gye Dance

Guru Tshen Gye Dance by the Eight manifestations of Guru Rinpoche

The eight aspects under which Guru Rinpoche manifested himself on various occasions appear in a procession with the principal aspect of Guru Rinpoche shaded by a parasol. Certain other aspects are accompanied by their retinues and small celestial beings.In order of appearance, they are :
  • Dorji Drolo - Liberated Diamond - Thunderbolt
  • Tshokye Dorji - Diamond-Thunderbolt Born from a Lake
  • Loden Chogse - He who Wishes to Acquire Supreme Knowledge
  • Padmasambhava - Born of the Lotus Flower
  • Guru Rinpoche - Most Precious Master
  • Shakya Sengye - Lion of the Shakya Family
  • Pema Gyelpo - Lotus-King
  • Nima Yoezer - Sun-Beam
  • Sengye Drathok - He with the Voice of a Lion
Guru Rinpoche seats under a silk canopy wearing a golden mask surrounded by attendent fairies in white masks.

Photos by: Prabin Gurung, Rinchenpong,West Sikkim