Thursday, December 29, 2011

Swar Sikkim winner Milan Sharma singing "Tere Naam"


  1. Dear Ghanshyam,

    I had posted some comments a few months ago, somehow they don't appear on this site. Maybe your grand-daughter can do it this time. All four of us are here in the USA. Philip is working in Afghanistan with USAID. Margaret and Nancy are in California. I am here in washington. We remember you especially as a football player.
    Gladwin Dayal,Philip,Margaret & Nancy.

  2. My uncle Ghanshyam Pradhan had thanked for your message and wished u all best wishes for the new year. 9547116106. This is Ghanshyam Pradhan's number. you can contact him anytime.

    thank you

    Shital Pradhan (I am Ghanashayam Pradhan's brother's son)


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