Monday, January 02, 2012

“THE FIRST STEP : PAHILO PAILA ” POETRY BOOK REALSED The Young Gorkha with Vision and its Art

On 31st Dec , 2011 , the book, The First Step , Pahilo Paila  poetry book was realsed  by Kumar Subba , Chairman Dimapur Gorkha Union  at Bamunphukuri . in his speech he asserted  that the young youths should poses  a good literary works. Rupak  who himself  highlighted  the Difficulties  of Gorkha Community in North East Area Especially Dimapur, through the means of his write ups in Gorkha magazines, Blogs and in Newspaper   .  He is Associated with  Bureau Chief  for Sapparivar and Gorkha Times .He devoted his time in doing a commmnadel  jobs in the fields  of social  Work  and   when I describe about his poems , I must say  he is doing good with vision .
The poetry book is comprising of English and Nepali  poems , and the  Poets Note was in script  by Nanda Kirati Dewan  , Editor NEH 24X 7 and Info & Pub Secy AAGSU  on poetry book . On Vote of Thanks, he told he is happy that many supports were given by his Family Members Paudel Pariwar  ,Junkeri Production  and all  Sponsors   and literary persons   for their  supports and having a faith on me.The programme was enthralled by the poetic views  and expression . The vision of releasing this book,  was spoked by Rupak Chetri. He   told that his dream of getting book was  three years ago and he can see at reality . and it’s a New year Gift  to my community , he also asserted that by selling of the book , he can help  the young youths of our  community  who are un –educated   and economic  problems of community can be solved by little percentage if  all the readers purchased this book  and also many projects is underway to come .