Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi Bebay!! Happy Birthday to you

Hi Bebay!!
Happy Birthday to you
This is your 6th birthday. No matter how far we remain but in this corner of the heart you are always remembered and missed.  These words are without any reasons and sometimes I can’t help myself imagine what’s going over in your small mind. The world is an illusion and we see only those things that we are told or we are always told (?), it depends upon how you look at it. You are too young to feel the weight of these small words and yet I am making you believe that in this core of my small heart there is a big place for you no matter people around you won’t let you feel it. It might take years to flip over this page of my blog (you will be surprise to read that this blog is for you, here you will get everything that I could not teach you) but when you do it, you shall have a different aura to greet you.
Love aye