Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sushma Dahal from Rongli wins Sargam Sikkim

Sushma Dahal with Johny Rai
I first wrote about Sushma Dahal in 2009 and i said about her "She is the next big thing to happen in the music industry from Sikkim" in one of my blog post. I have seen her grow as a singer and i am happy to see her success. Sushma Dahal, a student from Chujachen SSS won the singing competition of Sargam Sikkim yesterday at Jorethang. 

From a small time school function singer to the winner of  " Pratibha Ko Khoj" some year back i had been associated with Sushma Dahal. To see her reach this stage i am very happy. Without doubt i would like to mention the names of three person Praveen Pradhan, Kushal Pradhan and Buren Gurung from Rongli for believing the talent of Sushma and supporting her in her earlier days. Well once more many many congratulation Sushma.