Wednesday, May 02, 2012

43rd Singtam Basibiyalo paid homage to Gyaltsen Sir

SINGTAM, April 30, 2012: The famed Singtam Basibiyalo added a new chapter to its growing status on its 43rd episode dedicating the day to late Gyaltsen Sir. Sonam Gyaltsen Lucksom as he was more popularly known as Gyaltsen Sir, a well-liked and admired teacher from Sumin Lingsey SS had passed away last month. Mohan Pradhan ‘Neeraj’, Sansthapak Singtam Basibiyalo spoked about his relationship with late Gyaltsen Sir and his last meeting with Gyaltsen Sir few days before his passing at Singtam District Hospital.
The family of late Gyaltsen Sir was called upon the stage and presented with a certificate of condolence to Hemlata Lucksom, mother of late Gyaltsen Sir on the behalf of Singtam Basibiyalo. Singer Geeta Sharma dedicated a song to her late teacher that made the entire audience shed tears.  
Purusuttam Pradhan, BDO Duga was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Other guests present on the occasion included TN Poudhyal, President Himali Sangh, Dalapchand, TB Pradhan, Advisor Singtam Basibiyalo, famed singer Poojan Lohagun, Praveen Pradhan President SPARK NGO and Managing Director of Badhaichha Creation, Mrs. Indra Chettri, Mrs. Mann Maya Gurung and others. Mahesh Dahal, Headmaster of Sakyong Chisopani Primary School was the Gharpati of the day.
Singtam Basibiyalo had been providing opportunities for every performer around and beyond the state since long time and we should come up with our own ‘record book’, we had listened to English song, English poetry or even a Hindi poem recitation that rarely find place at such literary and cultural events.
We had enjoyed classical dances that are more or less limited to dance competitions; we had seen 5 year old dancing at this stage and this time around to watch a twin from Dalapchand SS was very enjoyable, said Mohan Pradhan ‘Neraj’, Sansthapak Singtam Basibiyalo. Our Basibiyalo is open to anyone and we just believe in providing platforms, we are neither a political nor a money-making organisation, added Pradhan.
Purushuttam Pradhan in his speech valued the role played by Singtam Basibiyalo is up-bringing the young talents. Pradhan in his speech talked about making these cultural events a mot for school going students. Poojan Lohagun, a famed singer from Pakyong sang two soulful Nepali songs from his recently released ‘Ninaad’ album. Lohagun presented complimentary music cds of his Nepali album to Singtam Basibiyalo and wished them success in days to come. He wished to see more students participating in poetry recitations.
Other singers on the day were Krishna Dungel (Bermoik), Geeta Sharma (Singtam) and Pravek Band from Ralley, Samdong. The dance performances of Nisha and Nikita Rai (Dalapchand SS), Thuchen Sherpa (Gangtok), Sameer, Doma and Srijana (Adarash Goan) and a group dance from Adarash Nritya Tolly received warm response from the gathered audiences.
Ganga Gurung (Adarash Goan), Durga Prasad Dawari (Dalapchand), Bir Bdr. Chettri (Ben, South Sikkim), Prem Chettri (Sumin Lingsey), Sawan Raj Dhakal (Pandam) recited nepali poem while Rabin Kumar Sharma (Bermoik School) entertained the audience with his mimicry.