Monday, June 25, 2012

Gorkha Bharati Vichar Manch Launched in Siliguri

Siliguri,24th June: The concept of Gorkha Bharati Vichar Manch was formally launched at an event organized at Hotel Royal Sarovar in Silguri on June 24, 2012. The function was attended by well known dignitaries from various North East states as well as from Sikkim and North Bengal region. The convener for the event was Mr. Krishna Bhujel from Guwahati and Dr. BR Chettri, an eminent educationist from Kalimpong, was present as the Guest of Honour.  
Gorkha Bharati Vichar Manch is conceptualized to work towards raising awareness on the identity issue of the Indian Gorkhas which has had a long history of being misinterpreted and misrepresented. The Vichar Manch is of the opinion that the Indian National History has to be written in a correct perspective so that minority communities like Gorkhas do not get sidelined and marginalized from the country’s mainstream. It is because of this incorrect history or rather the incorrect interpretation of history that communities like the Gorkhas are faced with the dilemma of always having to prove their national identity.  Rewriting history from the correct perspective, and wide dissemination of the same is therefore one of the main objectives of this Vichar Manch.  
Vichar manch seeks to work in a manner that advocates for establishing a leadership of thought (VICHAR), denouncing the age old concept of personal leadership. The power of thought therefore is what will guide and lead the whole movement giving it the required focus. Vichar manch also firmly believes that in a huge multicultural federal democracy like India, a minority community like Gorkha must establish a relation with the nation which is cordial, and bereft of any doubt whatsoever. Establishment of this relationship will then pave way for the nation to give due cognizance to the problems of the Gorkhas, and take measures under the prevailing constitutional provisions.
 A book titled THE NATIONAL IDENTITY CRISIS OF THE INDIAN GORKHAS AND THE CONCEPT OF GORKHA BHARATI VICHAR MANCH written by Mr. CK.Shrestha, a social thinker and theatre activist, was also released today along with a documentary film presentation, which aptly authenticated the views raised by the vichar manch.