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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ornamental Banana species with an upright flower found near Ranipool

This was something strange for me but more than that very excited when i first saw this particular species while going to Gangtok today. There was a jam of vehicles where the army vehicle had collided with a Bolero near Sikkim University. Our vehicle was in the queue near Ranipool LPG storage where i came across this banana species planted in-front of a nearby residence. I had never come across such banana with its flower and fruits growing upward.

I searched at internet about this strange species, there was nothing exactly i could find but this species finds close resemblance with musa ornata, a banana species of Indian origin,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sikkim Postal History: Those early years - i

Postal envelope showing the Rangpo cancellation of 1909
Last year i read in one of the daily newspaper from Gangtok mentioning about the heritage status to be given to the Rangpo Post Office on being the second oldest post office in Sikkim. Truly, it is an appreciating gesture but how correct is it to give the year of establishment as 1927. I rushed through other newspapers that carried the story but i did not find any changes at the year of establishment. Surprisingly, myself being related to philately I felt I need to provide some input about Sikkim Postal History.
So how about this, I have a scan of postal envelopes with a clear postal cancellation of Rangpo that reads 9 October, 1909. So it makes a clear picture that Rangpo Post Office was set up prior to 1909. 
On similar account I read in the newspapers about Rhenock making bid for the first post office of Sikkim. I am not so sure about the old post offices; here I am taking about the houses in which post office was set up. But the information I have collected on the postal history of Sikkim says a different story. The old Post Office House at Rhenock may be old may be some 100 years old but how about a ‘Dak Ghar’ at Lingtam, though a vacant house today still gives a name ‘Dak Line’ to its adjoining surrounding.
Few years back, I had collected an article on Sikkim by Dipok Dey, an eminent name in world philatelist from Kolkata, who had over the years designed several Indian Postage Stamps and a United Nation Postage Stamp, which has few pages dedicated to the Postal History of Sikkim. He has mentioned references of five books for his article that include ‘From the Diary of Stephen Smith’ compiled by DN Jatia, ‘Postal History of Tibet’ by Arnold C Waterfall, ‘Sikkim and Bhutan’ by J Claude White, ‘The Post Office of India and its Story’ by Geoffrey Clarke and ‘The Postage Stamps of Tebet’ by HR Holmes.
Dey writes, it was the aftermath of the British Expedition 1888 that laid the foundation of the Postal History of Sikkim. The year 1888 saw the Britsh Expedition Force driving out the Tibetan forces beyond the Jalepla that led to the permanent stationing of the military escort at Gangtok. Thus, it was finally that a Post & Telegraph Office was set up in Gangtok.
With the advance of troops, a Post Office was opened at Dulapchin (now Dalapchand) that was later removed to Ranglichu (now Rongli). At the same time, other Post Offices were also opened at Gnatong, Sedonchin, Gangtok, Rhenock Bazaar and Pakyong.
Very little in known about the two earliest Post Offices but I have come in an auction site at internet of the selling of a East India Post Card used from Gnatong, Sikkim that was send to Bombay in the year 1889.
The website states the description of the auctioned Post Card as “1889 (3 Dec.) 1/4a. brown stationery card from Private John Sullivan of the Connaught Rangers at Sikkim to Bombay, cancelled with a good strike of the " experimental po/c-7" c.d.s. and with Market Bombay arrival c.d.s. alongside; the contents requesting the addressee to send a catalogue to the writer at Sikkim; most unusual. The card with a couple of small faults though a rare item of mail from this obscure military operation.
It further writes in a Note: In 1886 the British Government discovered that, in contravention of a treaty with it, one had been signed by the Sikkim Rajah declaring Sikkim subject only to China and Tibet. In 1888 the Tibetans became aggressive, obstructing the Jelapla Road at Lintu. A Sikkim Expeditionary Force was dispatched in March and with the Tibetans defeated and pushed back to their own side of the frontier in October, active military operations ceased. A small force remained in Gnatong after the signing at Calcutta of an Anglo-Chinese convention
Three Experimental Post Offices accompanied the expeditionary force. After military operations ended Experimental Post Office C-7 was established at Gnatong.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Senior Class Trips in New Zealand

New Zealand is a lush, verdant country with so much to offer the holidaymaker in terms of culture, history, art and nature. It's an often overlooked country that really deserves to be visited. Its chief destination and major city is Wellington and it has so much to entice the casual holidaymaker that it's easy to spend time there exploring the sights and sounds.

Visiting Wellington

One of New Zealand's most vibrant places, this city offers a lot in terms of culture and exciting things to do. For anyone interested in food and drink, it has a wealth of tempting and interesting food tours that take in local markets, cafes and restaurants and are a perfect way to sample local delicacies, coffees and wines. Visitors to Wellington should really leave the diet book and calorie sheet at home.

Nature and Culture

For those interested in museums, history or art there are many places to whet the appetite. The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongewara is not only free to enter but also displays the history of the country through its indigenous peoples and focuses on the landscape and geology too. There are many evolving and changing displays and exhibitions, so it's worth checking nearer the time of a planned visit what sort of things will be on and when.

Anyone wanting a taste of nature and wildlife will find plenty on offer at places such as ZEALANDIA, which is a park that has its own ecosystem set around a reservoir that exhibits some of the most fascinating and rarest examples of New Zealand wildlife. There are indoor exhibitions explaining the project. You can visit for a couple of hours or a whole day.

Perfect for Adventurers

Adrenalin junkies are well catered for too. One of the most exciting places to visit is Adrenalin Forest, which, as the name suggests, is a theme park where holidaymakers who have a real sense of adventure can enjoy a series of rope bridges and Tarzan Swings. It's perfect for visitors of all ages and capabilities and a great place to let go and have some real fun.

One of the best ways to see Wellington is via the waterfront and those who like water sports will find that hiring a kayak is a great way of getting around. These are suitable for anyone who wants either a light paddle or something a bit harder, faster and thrilling. Guided kayak tours are also available at a reasonable cost.
Wellington is also considered to be one of the mountain-biking capitals of the entire world. There are a few good companies that do bike tours and trails of the city, taking in the rugged scenery, hills and more mountainous regions of the area. Food and snacks are sometimes provided but check with the operator to make sure, as it's always better to be prepared.

AUTHOR BIO: Adriana Frederick writes regularly on
senior class trips and student holidays for a number of travel websites and blogs. A frequent visitor to New Zealand, she never gets tired of its beautiful natural landscapes and the many and varied activities on offer there.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Strange black 'jumping spider' with four eyes

This strange spider i saw at Dalapchand was different of the lots i have come across so far. watch out its four eyes. The most peculiar thing i noticed about this small creature was it jumped at me twice while taking its photograph.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chogyal Sir Tashi Namgyal's Glacier Oil Painting

Chogyal Sir Tashi Namgyal was a popular painter and one such coloured works "Glacier", an oil painting is placed at  the entrance hall of Chumbi Residency at Gangtok. 

Time magazine in 1963 in one of its article about Sikkim writes ...." Ever since, India has handled Sikkim’s foreign affairs and defense. Tashi retired into a private life that consisted largely of prayer and painting —he specialized in misty Sikkimese landscapes, and painted one “vision” of the Abominable Snowman, who is pictured as a skinny, jet-black animal with a red face scampering over a snowy summit carrying a nude, pink-skinned lady with an alarmed expression. Tashi conversed with spirits, who are prevalent in Sikkim, looked out at the world through green-tinted glasses, and seemed fashioned of gold, so stiff and heavy were his brocaded robes."

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dalapchand SS celebrated I’Day

DALAPCHAND, AUGUST 15: Dalapchand SS celebrated the 65th Independence Day at their school premises.  PC Rai, Panchayat President Dalapchand GPU was the Chief Guest of the day. ST Bhutia, Headmaster, his staff and students were present on the occasion. 
PC Rai hoisted the National tri-colour flag that was followed by the singing of National Anthem by the students. The students also sang communal harmony song in nepali. CD Rai, senior teacher of the school gave a brief history of Indian Independence struggle and the reason of celebrating Independence Day. ST Bhutia also spoked about the Independence Day celebration.
Rohan Chettri, Class V student gave a short speech on Independence Day that was applauded by everyone. Sweets were also distributed on the day. It was also informed to the Chief Guest that three separate parade contingent (boys, girls and Scouts and Guides) along with a cultural program of Dalapchand SS was send to Rongli for the Sub-Division level Independence Day celebration.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gagan Narang: Bronze Medalist in 10m air rifle event at the 2012 London Olympics

Gagan Narang celebrates winning the bronze medal at the end of the men's 10-meter air rifle at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Source : Zee News
 Gold medallist Alin George Moldoveanu (C) of Romania, silver medallist Niccolo Campriani of Italy (L) and bronze medallist Gagan Narang of India pose on the podium during the Victory Ceremony following the men’s 10m Air Rifle Shooting final on Day 3.                 Source: http://summergames.uxadditive

Gagan Narang won the bronze medal in the 10m air rifle event at the 2012 London Olympics with a total score of 701.1 becoming India's first medal winner at the 2012 games. Gagan was just behind the silver medallist Niccolo Campriani of Italy who scored 701.5, while the gold medallist Alin George Moldoveanu of Romania was at 702.1.  However he failed to qualify for the finals of the men's 50-metre rifle three positions at the Royal Artillery Barracks.

Source: Wikipedia

Saturday, August 11, 2012


AUGUST 10, RONGLI: NK Pradhan, HRDD Minister inaugurated the new six room two storey school building at Phadamchen Secondary School on August 9.  Few hours long programme that was held at the farthest Secondary School at East District had a colourful cultural programme along with a Stamp cum Photo Exhibition that was enjoyed by the gathered audiences.
Present on the occasion were Puran Gurung  (MLA  Chujachen), Tshring Wangdi Lepcha (MLA Lachen-Mangan), Prakash Pradhan (Joint Director HRDD, East),Normit Lepcha  (SDM, Rongli), Chador Bhutia (AD, Regu BAC), Dhiraj Pradhan (BDO, Regu BAC), Assistant Commandment SSB, 46 Battalion,   2nd In Command 5 Mahar Regiment, Arun Thatal (PI Rongli), Panchayat Presidents of Lingtam-Phadamchen GPU & Subney-Sisney GPU, Head of Schools under Regu BAC , Praveen Pradhan and Sunita Gurung (Badhaichha Creation), locals and others.
The students of Phadamchen SS rendered a greeting song followed by the speech from Headmaster. Dorjee Sherpa, Headmaster Phadamchen SS in his welcome speech presented the school report and a brief history of the school that was started in 1956. HM informed the gathered audiences that it was a proud moment that for the year 2012, Nima Gyalpo Sherpa stood 2nd at East District and 5th in the Sikkim State at the Chief Minister's Merit Scholarship Scheme. The meritious student got an admission at Pinegrove School, Shimla, HM added. HM also placed few demand in the interest of the school that included a playground, school fencing, girl’s toilet and a separate building for a laboratory and a library. Krishna Dawari, CRC Coordinator Regu BAC was the host of the day.
Puran Gurung, Area MLA Chujachen constituency asked the guardian of the students to come forward and be part of the new educated Sikkim. Students of Phadamchen SS had always achieved better academic records and I wish this school in days to come shall make much more progress, added Gurung. 
NK Pradhan, HRDD Minister in his speech appreciated the progress of the school and assured every help from his side. Pradhan urged the gathered audiences to learn about the ethics of the sense of belonging. He asked the people to come forward and help in building a better society for better Sikkim. He announced that after the solving of the land related issues he would provide a grant from his department and other source for the school playground. He also sanctioned the construction of the girl’s toilet and made certain that the other demands of the school too shall be carried out in coming days.
Cultural dances were performed by students of Phadamchen SS, Pema Tshel Academy and Nimachen Primary School. Mementos were also presented to the distinguished guests. Exhibition on philately, numismatics and old photographs of Phadamchen and others by Shital Pradhan, Secretary Sikkim Philatelic Club was the other highlight of the day. Exhibition cum workshop was organized by Sikkim Philatelic Club in association with Badhaichha Creation.