Thursday, August 23, 2012

Senior Class Trips in New Zealand

New Zealand is a lush, verdant country with so much to offer the holidaymaker in terms of culture, history, art and nature. It's an often overlooked country that really deserves to be visited. Its chief destination and major city is Wellington and it has so much to entice the casual holidaymaker that it's easy to spend time there exploring the sights and sounds.

Visiting Wellington

One of New Zealand's most vibrant places, this city offers a lot in terms of culture and exciting things to do. For anyone interested in food and drink, it has a wealth of tempting and interesting food tours that take in local markets, cafes and restaurants and are a perfect way to sample local delicacies, coffees and wines. Visitors to Wellington should really leave the diet book and calorie sheet at home.

Nature and Culture

For those interested in museums, history or art there are many places to whet the appetite. The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongewara is not only free to enter but also displays the history of the country through its indigenous peoples and focuses on the landscape and geology too. There are many evolving and changing displays and exhibitions, so it's worth checking nearer the time of a planned visit what sort of things will be on and when.

Anyone wanting a taste of nature and wildlife will find plenty on offer at places such as ZEALANDIA, which is a park that has its own ecosystem set around a reservoir that exhibits some of the most fascinating and rarest examples of New Zealand wildlife. There are indoor exhibitions explaining the project. You can visit for a couple of hours or a whole day.

Perfect for Adventurers

Adrenalin junkies are well catered for too. One of the most exciting places to visit is Adrenalin Forest, which, as the name suggests, is a theme park where holidaymakers who have a real sense of adventure can enjoy a series of rope bridges and Tarzan Swings. It's perfect for visitors of all ages and capabilities and a great place to let go and have some real fun.

One of the best ways to see Wellington is via the waterfront and those who like water sports will find that hiring a kayak is a great way of getting around. These are suitable for anyone who wants either a light paddle or something a bit harder, faster and thrilling. Guided kayak tours are also available at a reasonable cost.
Wellington is also considered to be one of the mountain-biking capitals of the entire world. There are a few good companies that do bike tours and trails of the city, taking in the rugged scenery, hills and more mountainous regions of the area. Food and snacks are sometimes provided but check with the operator to make sure, as it's always better to be prepared.

AUTHOR BIO: Adriana Frederick writes regularly on
senior class trips and student holidays for a number of travel websites and blogs. A frequent visitor to New Zealand, she never gets tired of its beautiful natural landscapes and the many and varied activities on offer there.