Tuesday, September 11, 2012

National Awardee Amrit Thakuri welcomed at Rangpo

RANGPO, SEPTEMBER, 11:  National awardee Shri Amrit Thakuri, Headmaster, Posakay Primary School was given a warm welcome at Rangpo today by Chador Bhutia, AD, HRDD, Regu BAC, SMC and School staff of Posakay PS, Dhurba Basisitha, HM Reshi PS, Subash Giri, HM Mulukey JHS and others. Khadas was offered to Amrit Thakuri and his wife Jyoti Sharma who arrived from Delhi this morning. Thakuri was among the two Sikkimese teachers to had received National Teachers award on September 5 at New Delhi from the hand of Pranab Mukherjee, President of India.
More than 40 people including students of Posakay Primary School were present on the occasion. Amrit Thakuri was overwhelmed by the warm reception.  Thakuri went on to say, he had never expected such reception and expressed gratitude to everyone present on the occasion. Thakuri had thanked the Chief Minister, HRDD Minister and officials, HRDD/Regu BAC and officials, Posakay Primary School Staff, students and SMC for their support and belief on his hard work and effort. Thakuri talked about Chador Bhutia, AD, HRDD, Regu BAC calling him his mentor and source of inspiration.
Krishna Dawari, CRC Coordinator Regu HRDD BAC added that Amrit Thakuri’s efforts of value education that he has implemented in his school is an appreciating gesture, we should learn from it. Dhurba Basistha, HM Reshi Primary School, State Awardee 2012 also shared praised word for Amrit Thakuri. People from Rhenock, Kopchey, Chujachen, Dalapchand, Rongli, Mulukay, and Reshi had gathered to welcome Amrit Thakuri. 

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