Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fire gutted a house at Shantinagar, Singtam

CM with the house owner

the busted cylinder

people helping to put off the fire 

CM on the site

SINGTAM. JANUARY 31: A fire gutted a house at Shantinagar, Singtam. No human casualty occurred while, household items and documents was burned out. CM hands over Rs. 50,000 while Shantinagar Gaon Sudhar Samitti collectively provided Rs. 15310 amount along with new household items and groceries worth Rs. 8000 and a temporary room for shelter.
Local eyewitnesses informed that they heard the explosion of the cylinder and they saw huge flame of fire burning from the house. The neighbor houses nearby was untouched by the fire.  
the gutted house

The wooden house belonged to Mrs. Shanti Sunar and none of the family members was present inside the house when the incident happened.  The occurrence had happened at the mid noon. The fire brigade team from Singtam came to immediate action and put off the fire.  Members of Shantinagar Gaon Sudhar Samitti, SPARK NGO and locals from Shantinagar, Singtam and others had helped the fire brigade officials.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Coaching Camp for Football and Boxing concludes at Central Pandam

SINGTAM, JANUARY 30: 6th Winter Football Cum Boxing Coaching Camp organised by GVS Pendam Football Academy at CPSSS Play Ground in Central Pendam concluded on January 26. Many upcoming footballers and boxers had participated at the 16 day camp that started on January 10. The trainers of the camp were Michael Lepcha and Pritam Shilal.
GVS Pendam Football Academy had been organizing such Coaching Camp since 2007 especially for the rural children to provide them necessary knowledge about the game of football and equally select the best ones for the Football Academy.
This year the Academy had included the boxing camp to encourage the young children of rural area. Pritam Shilal, boxing coach had been working hard in the West Pendam Constituency for the development of the boxing game among the younger generations.

Melanitis leda bankia Caterpillar found at Singtam, Sikkim

Melanitis leda bankia Caterpillar is the name of the species as i searched out in the net. It was one of the wonderful find for me. This small creature is green in colour with white spot. It has a fascinating pairs of black horn and a pair of horn towards its lower end. It is commonly known as Evening Brown Butterfly.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Rongli observes National Voters Day

SINGTAM, JANUARY 28: National Voters Day was observed at 20 Constituency Rongli Changeylakha Block Part No.4.5 and 6 at Rongli JHS on January 25.. Girdhari Dabari,  HM Chandaney Primary School was the Chief Guest on the ocassion. Noween Dhungyal gave the welcome speech while Netra Pradhan spoked about the significance of the day.  Distribution of EPI Card was held and the Chief Guest also took the oath on the occasion. Gopal  Neopaney  gave the vote of thanks. Lunch was also distributed among the participants and the guests.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Marathon Runner passes away after completing the Anti Drug Marathon Race 2013 at SIngtam

Marathon runner Pempa Sherpa from Bardang aged 18 (circled in black at the above pic) was found unconscious after completing his marathon race at Anti Drug Marathon 2013 held yesterday at Singtam on the occasion of the 64th Republic Day. Sherpa was immediately rushed to Singtam District Hospital after the checking by the medical team present at the race where the young runner passed away. The people of Singtam found shock on hearing the news.
The organiser committee of the marathon race Singtam Police Station and JVC Football Club has decided to     pay tribute to the late runner at every Republic Day and termed him Saheed.
The marathon race started from Singtam Traffic till Ralap and back to Singtam Traffic. there were three category in the marathon race. Subarna Subba from Kuersong won the senior category. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sadbhawana Samiti observes its 17th Foundation Day

SINGTAM, JANUARY 26: Sadbhawana Samiti, one of the oldest running social organizations at Singtam observed its 17th Foundation Day along with the 64th Republic Day today at its Crech Centre, Topakhani. Dr..Dwarika Niraula was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The other distinguished guests of the day included Mohan Pradhan ‘Neeraj, Sansthapak Singtam Basibiyalo, RN Shrestha, renowned nepali literary writer, RP Poudhyal, Patanjali, Nand Kishore Prasad, Bihari Jagran Manch, Praveen Pradhan, President SPARK NGO, Shital Pradhan, Blogger, “Proud To Be A Sikkimese”, members of Sadbhawana Samiti and others.
Speeches from the guests and the colourful cultural programme were the highlight of the day. Few hour long programs started with the hoisting of the tri colour flag by the Chief Guest.
Somnath Pandey, President, Sadbhawana Samiti in his speech welcomed the invites at the function. He appealed to the different NGOs of Singtam for collective efforts to make better Singtam. He also talked about the recent Voice of Common People Forum and shared couple of his future plans. In the last 17th years the organization had seen highs and lows and it is the time to join hand together to do much better work in days to come, added the President.
Dr, Dwarika Niraula, the Chief Guest of the day appreciated the work done by the organization and assured help from his side too. He also urged the people to come together and make a better society.
RK Shrestha was the host of the day and also gave the welcome speech. R Lhamu, Vice President Sadbhawana Samiti spoke about the importance of the Republic Day in her speech. Jiwan Rai, Treasurer Sadbhawana Samiti shared the annual financial report of the organization. Annual report of the organization was also read out.
Mohan Pradhan ‘Neeraj’, former President of Sadbhawana Samiti in his speech recollected the old days and gave the brief history of the organization that was set up in 1996. Shital Pradhan, blogger “Proud To Be A Sikkimese” in his speech appreciated the initiative taken by the organization and wish them best wishes in days to come. Praveen Pradhan, SPARK NGO also congratulated the team of Sadbhawana Samiti and expressed his support in days to come.

Anti-Drugs Marathon Race 2013 held at Singtam



Anti Drug Marathon Race 2013 was jointly organised by Singtam Police Station and JVC Football Club, Singtam

Friday, January 25, 2013

Banana plant with its upright flower from Dalapchand

Few months back I had written about a banana variety I had come across at Ranipool. The banana plant I had seen had a banana flower (localy called bungaa) growing upright towards the sky from the usual found banana flowers that are grown towards the gravity.  It was a strange one for me and couple of my friends even pulled my legs for playing the banana plant photograph in the photoshop. I never could tell that the pic was true and the sorry part I don’t know how to use the photoshop software. 

Now I have found another banana plant with the similar feature with the one from Ranipool, this time at Mill dara, Dalapchand. When I was told by one of my student Sudip Rai about a banana plant with its upright flower grown in his field, I was in cloud nine. It took me around two weeks to visit his home and take the photograph of that banana plant.

The banana plant I saw at Sudip’s field was different from the one at Ranipool, shorter in height and less slender.  To my surprise I also came across another banana plant on that field that had a thick stem and tapered body towards its top. He told me they call this species ‘aaputali’. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

My flag widget for my blog shows 112,244 page views and 173 fags collected in one year

I am loving this !,  Last January 21, 2012 i had installed a flag widget for my blog " PROUD TO BE A SIKKIMESE" and today after a year my flag widget shows 112,244 page views and 173 fags collected. It gives me pleasure and enjoyment that my work is being appreciated. When i started this blog some 6 years back i was told by my friend to write about Darjeeling or Human Rights, they told me no one shall read about 'Sikkim'. I believed in my instinct and the result i see is awesome. 

Thank you, my dear friends knowing-unknowing we have share half a decade and i would surely be happy if i get to know each one personally. Lets this love and warmth remain with me in near future too. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Things Tourists Love to See in Sikkim

Guest Column by Manya Singh

Sikkim, a north-east Indian state, revels in its seclusion and salubrious climate. Located in a very serene and slightly isolated corner of India, the state offers a tranquil gateway to holiday-lovers. Encircled by the daunting Himalayas and dissected by perpetually evergreen rivers, Sikkim is soul-stirring, quiet and extremely panoramic. Its photogenic mountainside beauty is further heightened by the soothing presence of myriad Tibetan monasteries. The culture of this locale is also refreshing and has a haunting quality about it.

Here are a few great things tourists love to see in Sikkim:

1. Monasteries: Sikkim tourism is famous for its Buddhist monasteries which adorn the length and breadth of the state. Standing atop the verdant hills, these monasteries are both spiritual and scenic. The Rumtek monastery is the most famous of them all and one of the most visited monasteries. Tourists also make it a point to visit Pemayangtse and Tashiding monasteries. They are usually included in most Sikkim tour packages.

2. Lakes: Tsomgo Lake is a fascinating, refulgent and pellucid lake. It is loved by tourists looking for a romantic corner which is breezy and pacific. Nathu La is another charming getaway which is thronged by thousands of backpackers every year.

3. Sanctuaries: Sikkim’s flora & fauna deserve special mention too. Its climate and mountainside location makes it home to various species of plants, birds and animals. You can even marvel at the colorful butterflies and get mesmerized by various orchids and rhododendrons. Deorali Orchid Sanctuary and Kyongnosia Alpine Sanctuary are two must-visit places if you are nature lover.

4. Adventure sites: If you are an adventure freak and wish to feel the flow of adrenaline, then head for places like the Old Silk Route or the Nathu La Pass. Tourists usually make full use of their Sikkim holiday packages to enjoy adventure sports.

5.. Teesta River and Rangeet River: The opulent rivers of Sikkim also make for excellent tourist spots. Teesta River is a delight for anyone who wishes to try river rafting. Rangeet River also proffers rafters with excellent waters to have a memorable time.

6. Trekking sites: Travelers also love to dig into trekking in these hilly corners. Yuksom trail and Dzongri trail offer visitors with outstanding places for flaunting your trekking shoes.

7.  Temi Tea Garden: You cannot visit Sikkim and not head over to the sprawling Temi Tea Garden. The green spread of carpet under the azure skies can give you goose bumps.

Apart from these, Sikkim has countless other attractions to keep all its guests happy and busy. Besides, the hotels, restaurants and markets also give good excuse to hitchhikers to walk over to this side of the planet.

About Author:
The author is a digital media enthusiast at @WeAreHolidays and an avid traveller who wishes to travel around the world. At WeAreHolidays, he is responsible for managing and dealing with tour packages.

Sachin Tendulkar's son selected for Mumbai U-14

Great news for all Sachin Tendulkar's fan. The Junior Sachin is selected for the Mumbai U-14 team. Ajay Tendulkar has already gained media attraction after his first century at U-14 trails last year. He is a left handed batsman and left arm pacer.

pic: Indiatimes


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hiramaya Pradhan, my grand mother

Hiramaya Pradhan, my grand mother was 86 years old when she had her right leg amputee last December due to gangrene. Family members agreed to cut her leg in a hope that she shall live for a long but her diabetic  condition did not allowed. She had a kidney failure and breathe her last on January 7 at around 3.25 pm at Kalimpong. Her death body was brought to her home at Bong Busty.

She was survived by four daughter and a son and dozens of grandson and grand daughters and great grand sons. A lively lady and always smiling behind her wrinkled face. She was my grand mother and much loved and admired by people who knew her.

Some year back she had told me that she was from Turuk, South Sikkim and there are still her relatives that she had not come across since long time. I still remember her words about her marriage at her teenage when she was brought to Bong Busty unknown to her and later she came to knew she was married. My grand father was a part of Gorkha Regiment and was at Burma during the Second World War. He too passed away few years back. 

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Singtam praises Darjeeling ‘T’ Idol runner-up Geeta Sharma

SINGTAM, JANUARY 5: Singtam Basibiyalo and Badhaichha Creation from Singtam had extended congratulation towards Geeta Sharma for bagging the second position at the recently held Darjeeling ‘T’ Idol, singing competition at Darjeeling. More than 2500 participants had participated in the competition.
Mohan Pradhan ‘Neeraj’, Sansthapak of Singtam Basibiyalo said, “It is really a proud moment for me that my former student and an integral part of our Singtam Basibiyalo family have achieved an honour of standing second at that level. She might be second in the competition but she representing Sikkim in the competition is a winner for our state.”
Praveen Pradhan, MD Badhiachha Creation added Geeta Sharma has always been a wonderful singer and to see her compete with singers from Darjeeling and other areas and to achieve a second position is a big achievement.
Geeta Sharma while taking to this reported has thanked her well-wishers for the support and love. Sharma added her success could not been possible without the help of two gentlemen Anil Bishwakarma, the anchor of the show and Gangaa Mukhiya, her co-music teacher at Swar Sadhana Academy, Singtam. It was a dream come true for me to have sang before Deepa Jha, a legendary name in the nepali music history, she went on to say.
Geeta Sharma’s song ‘Unko Maya ma” in the Prashant Tamang’s nepali film “Angalo Yo Maya Ko” was highly appreciated.

Where a Newari girl marries a Bael fruit?

Bael tree

Bael fruit

Since many centuries Bael (Aegle marmelos) fruit, commonly known as wood apple has been an integral part of Newari culture. Bael fruit is considered to be a sacred tree and also used for its medicinal purposes.
In one of its kind rare rituals, young Newari girls between 4 to 11 years are married to a bael fruit. Here the bael fruit resembles lord Shiva. It is only after this bael biwaha or the ihi, she is allowed to marry to any person in her later years. It is a customary that the every newari girls should perform this ritual before her adolescence. Till the fruit remains un-cracked the girl shall never have to undergo widowhood even after his husband’s death.  

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Singtam's Sonam Waiba stood second at Guitar Maestro Nepal 2012,

Singtam's Sonam Waiba stood second at Guitar Maestro Nepal 2012 grand finale held at Kathmandu on December 31, 2012.  Karma Tamang from Nepal went on to win he crown and the cash prizes. 

A stamp of Adomi Bridge of Ghana resembles the Indreni Bridge of Singtam

Indreni Bridge of Singtam

When i first saw the Adomi Bridge of Ghana in one of my stamp album i said to myself this looks like our Indreni Bridge. Indeed the picture in the stamp said so. The Indreni (rainbow as it resembles) Bridge joins the town of Singtam (East District) with the Aadarsh Gaon (South District) with the river Teesta flowing in between. The bridge that is still waiting for its official opening today is a centre of attraction for its beauty. Couple of video shooting had already been picturised on it and the late night radium lightning makes the bridge more fascinating. 

The bridge that was started on January 10th, 2007 was constructed by MP Agarwal from Namchi with the fund from Government of India, DONER, NLCP. The total cost of the construction was Rs 1337 lakhs.

The Adomi Bridge stamp was issued in 1967 and it features the first suspension bridge of Ghana.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2 Cricketing Heroes of 2012

Sachin Tendulkar

It is hard to believe Indian Cricket without the little master Sachin Tendulkar. Despite tremendous pressure from critics about his forms the little master stunned the world announcing the retirement from limited over international. 2012 was not a great year for Sachin but the cricket history shall always remember the year as the year when Sachin Tendulkar at the age of 39 scored his hundredth hundred against Bangladesh at Dakha. His 23-year reign in ODI record reads 18426 runs in 463 matches at an average of 44.83, with 49 centuries and 96 fifties. His highest score in ODI remains 200 runs, making him the first batsman to cross the double figure. 

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh’s story of determination and self-belief is an inspiration to be followed. After successfully battling cancer he has never looked back. His comeback double hundred in first class cricket and his all-round performance against New Zealand, England and Pakistan makes him a much needed player of ODI and T20 format.  The last T20 match with Pakistan saw Yuvraj hitting 7 sixes and 4 fours in his 36 ball 72. 



A New Year and  new beginning, the only thing i wish i had with me is my daughter...
i miss you bebay.