Friday, January 25, 2013

Banana plant with its upright flower from Dalapchand

Few months back I had written about a banana variety I had come across at Ranipool. The banana plant I had seen had a banana flower (localy called bungaa) growing upright towards the sky from the usual found banana flowers that are grown towards the gravity.  It was a strange one for me and couple of my friends even pulled my legs for playing the banana plant photograph in the photoshop. I never could tell that the pic was true and the sorry part I don’t know how to use the photoshop software. 

Now I have found another banana plant with the similar feature with the one from Ranipool, this time at Mill dara, Dalapchand. When I was told by one of my student Sudip Rai about a banana plant with its upright flower grown in his field, I was in cloud nine. It took me around two weeks to visit his home and take the photograph of that banana plant.

The banana plant I saw at Sudip’s field was different from the one at Ranipool, shorter in height and less slender.  To my surprise I also came across another banana plant on that field that had a thick stem and tapered body towards its top. He told me they call this species ‘aaputali’.