Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yougan Tamang of Sikkim to attend UK conference

Mr. Yougan Tamang of Jorethang, South Sikkim who is a Research Scholar in North Bengal University is invited to attend the upcoming conference IUAES2013 WORLD CONGRESS: EVOLV ING HUMANITY, EMERGING WORLDs, in Manchester, United Kingdom. Which will take place from 5th.August.2013 to 10th.August.2013.

Yougan Tamang will be presenting the paper entitled " CHANGES IN RELIGION & ITS IMPACT ON HEALTH OF TAMANGS OF SIKKIM ,INDIA" in the panel LD23: Tribal Health: Emerging consequences in the era of globalization.

As letter received from Mr. Rohan Jackson, IUAES2013: World Congress: Evolving humanity, emerging worlds administrator on 28/03/2013.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scout and Guide students cleans Lampokhari surrounding

SINGTAM:  With the Lampokhari Paryatan Mahatsov starting in the next two weeks, the scout and guide students of Dalapchand SS and Aritar SS observed cleanliness drive in and around Lampokhari on March 27. More than 45 students along with their Scout Teachers Sonam Dorjee Bhutia (Dalapchand SS) and Suman Chettri (Aritar SS) were present on the occasion.  Bhim Subba, Scout Master of Ben SS and Nil Kumar Chettri were the guest scout teachers on the occasion. 
Along with the cleanliness drive the Scout and Guides students also had a Rope Knotting session from the guest Scout Teachers at Aritar SS. Speaking on the occasion SD Bhutia, Scout Teacher from Dalapchand SS told that in view with the Lampokhari Pryatan Mahotsav approaching we the two schools Aritar SS and Dalapchand SS wanted to contribute for the festive occasion and it was no better than to carry on with the cleanliness drive. We are very thankful for the two guest Scout teachers for their involvement in our programme, added Suman Chettri, Scout Teacher, Aritar SS.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Chhori

Happy Birthday Chhori....

Wishing you on your 7th birthday with lots of love and warmth. I do miss you !

I still remember your words the last time we met. I am sure this year too, you will expect me on your day. Bebay it is irony of life, i want to visit u and be with you yet it isn't as simple as your small heart think. My love for you had always been from the core of my heart and will always be. You are always remembered and loved. Be an example for others is all i can say and pray for you.

Love aye


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Singtam Hospital visit during RRC Workshop

From an alakatra to an astro tuff…..

Winning and losing has always been a two side of a same coin but above all it is the participation in an event that makes the real difference. Daalapchand SS does not have its own school ground and despite the fact that the students of this school try their best practicing football at helipad nearby. You did hear it right at a helipad that is used for landing of helicopters most frequently during the Lampokhari festival. The Dalapchand boys love playing football and we can see them making busy at the early hours of the morning and at the late noon after schools. Interestingly the chief coach of our team is a driver by profession who also is President of a Sports Club by interest.
The on-going Coco Cola Cup played at Paljor Stadium, Gangtok was first of its experience for our boys to play the big game and I am sure they came all the way to Gangtok just to enjoy the game. The boys were happy to have set foot on Paljor Stadium, the Mecca for all football lovers of our Hills. Our boys lost the match with four goals to one but have earned themselves a lifetime experience. An experience they would share with their close ones for a long long time.
Yuvraj Rai, our main striker went on to score the lone goal for our team and he must be the happiest after all how many of us are there who had played at Paljor Staduim and scored a goal. Truly, his goal was a magic to watch and more magical for the team that practices on a helipad made of….. alakatra (tar).

Friday, March 01, 2013

Silver Oak Tree planted by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 at Amdo Golai, Tadong

Silver Oak Tree planted by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984

I am sure many of us have seen this Silver Oak tree at Amdo Golai, near tadong opposite traffic point that leads to Indira Bye Pass. More than a decade back there used to be a foundation stone that had words inscribed - Planted by Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India in 1984. Today I look at this heritage tree and feel sad it seems to have lost its glory and its history. I am sure in near future concern department will surely look at this matter.