Friday, April 26, 2013


Bermoik Tshlamthang is half hour drive from Singtam. This silent village holds a special place in the historical legacy of Sikkim. Here lies a century year old three storey traditional nepali house that has witnessed the transformation of the small Himalayan kingdom of Sikkim to the democratic state of mighty Indian Union. Gopi Chandra Subba, the present day owner of the house had told that he had bought this house from Bishnu Chandra Sapkota in 1969. He said that an elderly local from Bermoik at his ripe age of 95 who is still alive had said that he had heard about this house in his childhood, which makes this house as old as 160 years, told Subba. The specialty of this heritage house is that no nails had been used during its construction. The materials then used were mud and wood. Some 8 years back Culture Department had given a grant of Rs 50000 and during 18/7 Sikkim Earthquake they did received a grant of Rs. 30000.

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