Friday, April 19, 2013

Prakash Sundas sings for a Kollywood film

SINGTAM: Badhaichha Creation and Singtam Basibiyalo have congratulated Prakash Sundas, singing sensation from Gangtok for his first recording of a Nepali feature film song.  Sundas had returned from Kathmandu few days back after recording his song for a feature film Sheesha. The film is produced by Uma Baby, famed Nepali cine actress cum producer from Sikkim. Saroj Khetri is the director of the movie while Sushil Saha is the sound recordist and Lucky Sitaula, the music director. 
Praveen Pradhan, Managing Director of Badhaichha Creation and Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj”, Sansthapak, Singtam Basibiyalo said it is a proud moment for us to see Prakash bhai scale a step of success further. We had been promoting him since last three years and we are very proud of him, both echoed.
I had never imagined singing for a Kollywood film and it is more than a dream come true and I shall ever remain grateful to Uma madam for her blessing and opportunity, told Sundas. In a short time of two days, I could record the song at Kathmandu music studio. I had received lots of love and appreciation from the music team of Sheesha at Kathmandu that I shall never forget, added the aspiring singer. 
Prakash Sundas further said, it is my happiest moment and on this happy occasion I would like to thank Uma Madam, Dipen Rai, Praveen Pradhan, Mohan Pradhan ‘Neeraj’, Praja Pradhan, my family and people who had always encouraged me in my struggle.