Sunday, May 12, 2013

INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK: Nitish Pradhan time in Sikkim, a male/female pop two-some composition had been attempted. If one has a mezzo soprano vocal range than the other has a baritone vocal to follow her up. They prefer pop, electro-pop and fusion-experimental music with all their upcoming tracks based on these genres. Both are products of Tashi Namgyal Academy, Gangtok and are in the final years of their College at Tadong.

We are proud to present Nitish Pradhan the one half of the two-some duo for a small chat about their latest music video and their fascination about music.

1. Tell us something about your new video.

Party Time” is a music video which is a part of our first debut music album. Noel Karthak Lepcha, popular music composer of our state had done the music for us. It is an electrifying video; it is made by Gangtok based 360 Imaginative Designs under Minjo Lama's direction. The party song theme was never attempted in our state before and we have come with and out and out entertaining song.

2. Why did you choose for a male/female combination?

 We wanted to give something new to our creativity and since no one in the state had attempted a male/female pop combination, we believed it to be an innovative idea.

 3. How do you both complement each other in your music session?

Nitish: Anisha is a good friend of mine and we studied at TNA together and now we are in the final year of our graduation at Sikkim Government College, Tadong. We had experiments with different music blends. The end result was exciting and pleasing.

 4. What attracted you to the music filed?

 We had always been a music lover since childhood. We would always talk about doing something in this field music and finally we decided to come up with a music album.

 5. Who is your inspiration?

 Life is the biggest inspiration for music and we appreciate every one involve in it.

 6. What sort of experiments do you like to prefer in your kind of music?

 We want to bring fresh genres of music in our state which is only dominated by rock or house, funk, electro - pop, trance ... we would love to work on experimental music!

 7. Your future plans.

Life is uncertain; we both are in the last year of our college. Anisha wants to be a teacher & I have planned to work in NGO sector but we will continue with our musical journey as it remains our first love.

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