Monday, May 06, 2013

Sakyong Chisopani's weird showering of April 27/4

A man dragging his GICI sheet that had flew 
I have never seen such shower of rain before, it was just unbelievable said Nikhil Gurung, the school captain of Sakyong Chisopani JHS rushing inside the office room. The Office room that had hals and hour back conducted a school staff's meeting with the members of the School Managing Committee was all messed up. 
The all of a sudden heavy showering left everyone stranded inside the school building while the mother nature was at it fierce face. Within no time we were not able to hear each other, the sound of the showering was so loud and it went increasing and increasing.
From the corridor of the school office we could faintly see 15-20 students on the other side of the distant school room made of GICI sheets making rounds at the door steps. The showering was so horrible that it was almost difficult for any of us (teachers) to go to that side and bring back the students to the school building. Just then we saw a GICI sheet from the house nearby the school premises fly off towards the road near us.
There was no way but to Arjun Sir to rush amid the forceful showering of the rain to the other side of the classes. When he later returned back after the rain had slowed down he told the horror faced by the students there. Many of them were crying and they all were scared of the nature's fury.
After the rain had sowed down we too slowed down in our vehicle to our home. The irony of the natural phenomenon was that the rain had just shown its fury between Juice Factory and the Toppakhani Tunel and most affected area was Sakyong Chisopani, incredible !