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Interview of the week: Let's give an anthem to sing, encourage and motivate them: AS Music

Music videos in Sikkim is growing with each passing days and despite collected works of creativity coming from different corners of the state, a small yet beautiful music video  ‘Jiwan mitho cha’ is attracting attention.  Meet Ashis Tamang and Sudershan Sunar (AS Music), young and budding musicians behind the success of music video ‘Jiwan mitho cha’ from soon to be release Nepali album “Vinnata”.   

·         What is Jiwan Mitho Cha?
Jiwan Mitho Cha (life is beautiful) is a voice against SUICIDE and understanding this beautiful gift to mankind called "life". The lyrics of the song is the message saying that although life is full of struggle and problems we still need to wrestle through it and give a chance to life to prevail. Suicide is not the solution. Don't run away from your life; face it, live it. Cheers to life...
·          Any incident related to the song you want to share?
 Well, the song is really close to our heart. The entire composition took just about 10 minutes. The song was composed almost a year and a half ago. This was in fact our (Ashis & Sudershan) first composition together and since then we decided to continue our musical expedition together. The song is soothing to ears and also fills your heart with joy when you sing it. We have sung it for over thousands of time but have never been bored of it. Many came up with prospects of adding more lyrics to the song but we kept it as it was originally written and composed. The simplicity of the song is nursed so that everyone can hear our voice.

·          Why do you think this concept was required?
The idea was to highlight the simplicity and innocence of the children and the old. Whenever I (Sudershan) walked across the road near that school, it brought an immense amount of joy and happiness to me looking at those little kids smiling, playing and enjoying their life. SIKKIM HIMALAYA ACADEMY (Bariakhop, west Sikkim) is where we shot the major part of the song. The idea with which the song was written was so alive in that beautiful school. It's a free school and children come from different places. It gives you great strength looking at the efforts of the teachers and students contributing to the happiness of each other. I couldn't found a better place and environment to deliver the message we wanted to through our song.
·          Any future projects?
Yes, we are working on our album "VINNATA" which is due to be released this October. The album is the compilation of different social issue with a total different sound. You will hear a total new genre; the fusion of metal, rock and classical which we have named as "metro classics". Of course there have been a lot of experimentations on mixing different genres and yes the melody part is taken care of. The lyrics are strong and it would be fun to listen. We hope people like it. Beside this we (AS Music) in collaboration with Hanan Pro are working on a project "KHULLA SADAK -save a child" against human trafficking which will be released very soon.
·          Message to the readers
Change is what is required in our society. Change in our thought against social injustice and discriminations, change in our ideas against religious and cultural differences. We need to raise our voice for the weaker and unfavored class in our society. Let's give them an anthem to sing, encourage and motivate them. We are all the same. Let's not make speculations in terms of money, caste, color or religion. Let us bring small change in ourselves; 'a change for changes'
·          Tell us about yourself.
AS Music are Ashis Tamang and Sudershan Sunar. We do our own compositions, arrange the song and write lyrics. It's basically our own music. Sudershan (SUDA): my hometown is Singtam (Sikkim). I am currently working as a banker in Sikkim State Co-operative (SISCO) Bank Ltd. Ashis: I am from Pedong (Kalimpong) but currently living in Siliguri and working as a music teacher. Beside this I am pursuing my B.A in Indian music and Rock Music. Sabin Tamang is the official manager of AS Music.
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