Saturday, September 06, 2014

Badhaichha Creation brings “NEWA” on Indra Jatra

SINGTAM, SEPTEMER 4: Badhaichha Creation, Singtam has come up with a documentary aptly named “NEWA” based on Newar Language and Culture. The documentary will be officially released on the auspicious occasion of Indra Jatra at Singtam. Indra Jatra, the biggest festival of Newar community is being held for the first time outside Gangtok. The event is held under Sikkim Newar Guthi and organised by Indra Jatra Celebration Committee 2014.
Praveen Pradhan, Managing Director, Badhaichha Creation, Singtam through a press release reads, we have thought about this project keeping in mind that we need to conserve our culture and traditions. We feel proud to say that Sikkim is the only region in the world where Newar language is recognized as an official state language and for that we shall always remain grateful towards Chief Minister of Sikkim. Uttam Pradhan, famed actor and now Chairman of Sikkim Music, Drama, Dance and Film Board has played a pivotal part in the documentary. The Grammar portion used in the documentary is written by Bikash Pradhan, first Newar language teacher of Sikkim, now working at Namthang SSS, South Sikkim. His grammar book is taught in different Government schools of Sikkim.  
The concept behind the documentary was to make available the easiest form to learn Newar Language. We have designed an elementary Newar speaking course based on the Newar grammar and we believe this medium shall help any individual having an interest in Newar Language. Besides that, we have focused on Newar household items and couple of cultural knowledge.
The teams behind this project are Praveen Pradhan, Managing Director, Badhaichha Creation, Singtam, Mohan Pradhan ' Neeraj', Sansthapak Singtam Basibiyalo,  Bikash Pradhan, International Newar Culture performer and Newar Grammar writer from Namthang, South Sikkim and Shital Pradhan, blogger, Proud to be a Sikkimese.