Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sawney Primary School celebrates Hand-Washing Day

SINGTAM, OCTOBER 15: Global Hand-Washing Day was observed at Sawney Primary School, West Pandam, East Sikkim under Duga GVK today. In a small program held at the school, Mohan Pradhan, Headmaster of the school spoke in brief about the importance of health and sanitation.  Mrs Sharmila Silal, PRT of the school demonstrated the five steps of hand washing in-front of the gathered students and teachers. Padam Gautam, BR Subba, Nandu Sharma and Tulshi Pradhan teachers also spoke on the occasion.
Ganesh Pradhan, teacher went on to say, such activities had been following at schools for long time and all should make it a daily habit. Safalta Pradhan, School prefect followed the steps taught by her teacher and also demonstrated before her friends.