Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A white capped redstart at 13000ft at Ganthang

Gnathang at the height of 13000 ft is a beautiful place compared to Ladhak in north India. I have been to this place few times and each time the charm of this silent valley attracts me. Be it the famed British cemetery or the Baba Dham nearby, this place do have visitors all the year.
My last visit to Ganathang that was on 14.09.2014 had something new to add to my readers. I came upon a white capped redstart. Basically, I had been much familiar with this bird species at Shantinagar, Singtam, my home that I find every time I visit the nearby river. The elevation of my place is around 1400 ft and it did amaze me to find one at the height of 13000 ft. Later I get to know that that this bird was in a breed phase. It was normal for this bird to reach for higher altitudes for breeding. Only one bird was found at an undergoing construction house, moving around.

White capped redstart is popular river water bird and can be prominently distinguished with its white pattern on its head and brown red spots under its wing.