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Friday, September 25, 2015

Singtam Basibiyalo congratulates Dahal brothers

SINGTAM, SEPTEMBER 25: In a small gathering at Singtam, Dinesh Dahal and Nimesh Dahal participants of ‘Himali Pratibha ko Khoj’ were congratulated by the members of Singtam Basibiyalo. The Dahal brothers had participated in the recently concluded state level ‘Himali Pratibha ko Khoj’ in separate category where Dinesh Dahal stood fourth in the singing category while Nimesh Dahal, his younger brother went on to bag third position in the instrumental category. The brothers were offered khadas for their performances. The brothers also entertained the gathered audience with soulful music.
Present on the occasion were Mohan Pradhan ‘Neeraj’, Sansthapak Singtam Basibiyalo, T B Pradhan, Advisor, Singtam Basibiyalo, President  Rangpo - Singtam Zonal Newar Guthi , Arjun Chettri, Headmaster Rikape Primary School, Kripesh Singh, Teacher, Burdang JHS, Gangaa Mukhiya and Geeta Sharma (Sikkim Academy of Music, Singtam), Roshan Rai, HDFC bank, members of Singtam Basibiyalo and staff of Sakyong Chisopani JHS.
Mahesh Dahal, Headmaster Sakyong CHisopani JHS, speaking on the occasion thanked Singtam Basibiyalo, Sikkim academy of Music, Singtam, his staff and his well-wishers for supporting him and his sons in every step of their musical journey. Dahal thanked the organizing committee and the state government for providing platform for the aspiring musician of Sikkim.
Mohan Pradhan ‘Neeraj’, Sansthapak Singtam Basibiyalo praised the efforts of the brothers and said their position in the competition did not matter, for people of Singtam both of them are winners. TB Pradhan, Advisor, Singtam Basibiyalo, President  Rangpo - Singtam Zonal Newar Guthi said it is a proud moment for the people of Singtam and this performance should not stop here, we expect much more progress from the brothers, he added.

Gangaa Mukhiya, State Awardee Singer and Proprietor, Sikkim Academy of Music, Singtam, shared his proud feeling that his student had showed brilliant performance on the occasion when it was needed most. Other to speak on the occasion was Gita Sharma, Arjun Chettri and Kripesh Singh. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bhutan postage stamp featured Sikkim as an Independent Country

Bhutan introduced its first postage stamps in 1962 (10th October) and in its inaugural issue it featured seven definitive stamps on different denominations. The first stamp series featured the introduction of Bhutan life style. One of the stamps released finds a special place among the stamp collectors of Sikkim. Sikkim, though once an independent country is today a proud part of Indian Union. Sikkim became part of India in 1975. 
The 15ch postage stamp issued from the country of Bhutan is probably the only postage stamps in the world of philately that showed Sikkim as an Independent Country. You can closely see an Independent Sikkim, below it India while East Pakistan now Bangladesh just beneath it. Bhutan is right to Sikkim in white while Tibet on its top.
It must be noted that in 1962, when this definitive stamp was released Sikkim was still an independent country.

CM Pawan Chamling attends Gorkha Rashtriya Sanghoshti at Darjeeling

Extracted from CM's Facebook Page

I attended the Gorkha Rashtriya Sanghoshti along with Shri Bimal Gurung, GTA Chief Executive, Shri RP Sharma, MP Tezpur, Assam and Shri PD Rai, MP Sikkim at Gorkha Rangmanch Bhawan, Darjeeling.
At this national level meet, discussions and deliberations were held to further strengthen the demand for grant of Tribal status to the Nepali Speaking Gorkha community of India.
I suggested for constitution of a committee comprising leaders/representatives of various Nepali speaking communities from respective regions to give further momentum to bring a logical conclusion to the demand. The problems being faced by all Nepali Speaking Gorkha community across the nation is the same. The demand for providing socio-economic and political rights should therefore be fulfilled. This is not the demand for reservation only but recognizing the identity of the brave protectors of this great nation. Such brave protectors of the country should by no means make to feel insecure.
The need of the hour is to have a strong civil society amongst Nepali Speaking Gorkha community so that the spirit of true Gorkhali is kept alive.
Many Gorkhali martyrs have laid down their lives during India's struggle for independence including the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. Their statues should be constructed in their respective home towns/cities. I also suggested for making a film on the contributions made by Nepali Speaking Gorkha community in various fields so that the younger generations get inspired. Called upon all intellectuals, scholars including the media fraternity to contribute with their writings, which will help in projecting good image of Nepali Speaking Gorkha community across the world. This would further garner appreciation of our community and our contributions to the nation.

I also released a book titled Study Forum, a GJM publication on Gorkhaland.

Sedongchen Dak Bunglow

Sedongchen Dak Bunglow  1893

Sedongchen Dak Bunglow  2009

Friday, September 18, 2015

Deven VI lifts Open Volley Ball Tournament at Rongli

Rongli, 18th September 2015: Deven VI lifts the Open Volley Ball Tournament held at Garg Bhawan, Rongli. They defeated the team of Chujachen SSS and collected the winner trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 50,000. Chujachen SSS received the Runner-Up trophy and the cash prize of Rs. 25,000. The winner trophy was sponsored by L. B. Gurung and B.B. Gurung in memory of their father late Indra Bahadur Gurung.
Bikram Pradhan, Hon’ble Area MLA cum Chief Whip, Government of Sikkim was present as the Chief Guest. SDM, SDPO, Managing Director, DACS, Manager, SISCO Bank and others were also present. Robin Kumar Pradhan, President of Rongli Driver Association welcomed the guests. Rongli Driver Association appreciated his members by presenting letter of appreciation to Ashish Mangar, Amrit Gurung and Suresh Biswakarma who had voluntarily donated blood. Rongli JHS, Vidya Bharati, Dew Drops Academy and Riverine Elementary Schools students participated in the dance and sports

Bikram Pradhan, addressed the gathered crowds and appreciated the work done by the members of the Rongli Driver Association. Chief Guest released the balloons on the sky to start the final match of the tournament. Sunil Sharma was the Master of the Ceremony.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The only photograph of Taksari Chandrabir Pradhan

This photograph from the book 'The Gates of Thibet' is the only photograph of Taksari Chandrabir Pradhan. The photo was taken in 1893 at Rhenock Bazaar, he is sitting next to Rhenock Kazi and Louis the author next to him standing.

There were six Taksari families in Sikkim who were addressed as “Taksari”. Those Taksari included Lachhimidas Pradhan, Kancha Chandrabir Pradhan, Chandbir Pradhan Maskey of Pakyong, Jitman Singh Pradhan, Prasad Singh Chettri of Tarku Estate and Bharaddoj Gurung of Khani Goan.

“Kanchenjunga” magazine published from Gangtok in the early 1960s in one of its issue carried an article on Taksaari Chandrabir Pradhan, the same man behind the introduction of Sikkim’s coin system. It said Taksaari Chandrabir Pradhan received the royal order from the Chogyal to cut down the jungles and set up a dweller at Singtam. He further went up to establish Rangpo and Pakyong too.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

How does it feel when Google Adsense bans your account?

My second Google Adsense cheque
 How does it feel when Google Adsense bans your account? For many, it might just turn out to be a shift to other AdSense like options, and if that does not work shift to another one as there are numerous such options available on internet.
For a layman who has just started to receive few hundreds of dollars from your blog it’s like as if someone has just removed the ground below your feet. You simply fall from nowhere, feel terribly sorry for the silliest mistake you have committed and so on.  
This is my personal experience, my way of blogging after my AdSense was banned and again after repeated request I was able to regain my Google AdSense uplifted.
I had been blogging since 2007 and towards the early 2010s I joined Google AdSense, despite my slow earning from my blog till 2013 I was able to receive around 400 dollars which to an extent was an amount I had never expected. It came at a time when I was urgently needed of money and I thank Google Adsense for it.
It was my excitement to earn more adsense, I despite knowing I should not do it, I clicked my own advertisement in my blog for two days. It was this silly mistake of two days I was taken off my feet when I was sent an email from Google Adsense that I violated the terms and my account had been banned. I was taken back, felt sorry for myself, yet I was helpless and I knew what I had done.  I did a request mail few times but the reply was a negative one. I tried different ways, opened different accounts and applied for Google Adsense but towards the end I failed to get new Google AdSense ID.
During that phase of time, my blog went to lower viewership rate than it used to be, prominently I was not interested to post any matters. I was losing interest in writings. Despite that I never stopped writing, that vacant space of being banned by Google was haunting me ever after. It was at that moment, my life got a new twist when my interest shifted to Sikkim biodiversity. I was interested in photography since a long time but now I got a theme for my photography, I began to click photographs of birds, butterflies, insects, floras and anything that was associated with Sikkim Biodiversity. Finally when I able to get them identified I started a new blog on Sikkim Biodiversity ( .
Slowly my attention shifted from Sikkim Heritage to Sikkim Biodiversity. To some extent it was like refreshing me and my mindset. So far in the last two years, I had collected more than 700 plus different species of Sikkim Biodiversity and the collection is getting larger day by day.
My third Google Adsense cheque
In-between I was still requesting Google for my upliftment of ban. The happy moment arrived just few days back my request was finally approved and my ban was uplifted. It was something I had almost lost hope off. The upliftment of ban has given me new hope and freshness to carry on with my blog and help share anecdotes and stories about my Sikkim to the world.

For my reader, I would like to request that please, never ever try to experiment yourself by violating the terms and conditions of Goggle Adsense.  I have accepted my stupidity and I am ever thankful towards Google Adsense for bringing me back to track !!