Sunday, September 13, 2015

How does it feel when Google Adsense bans your account?

My second Google Adsense cheque
 How does it feel when Google Adsense bans your account? For many, it might just turn out to be a shift to other AdSense like options, and if that does not work shift to another one as there are numerous such options available on internet.
For a layman who has just started to receive few hundreds of dollars from your blog it’s like as if someone has just removed the ground below your feet. You simply fall from nowhere, feel terribly sorry for the silliest mistake you have committed and so on.  
This is my personal experience, my way of blogging after my AdSense was banned and again after repeated request I was able to regain my Google AdSense uplifted.
I had been blogging since 2007 and towards the early 2010s I joined Google AdSense, despite my slow earning from my blog till 2013 I was able to receive around 400 dollars which to an extent was an amount I had never expected. It came at a time when I was urgently needed of money and I thank Google Adsense for it.
It was my excitement to earn more adsense, I despite knowing I should not do it, I clicked my own advertisement in my blog for two days. It was this silly mistake of two days I was taken off my feet when I was sent an email from Google Adsense that I violated the terms and my account had been banned. I was taken back, felt sorry for myself, yet I was helpless and I knew what I had done.  I did a request mail few times but the reply was a negative one. I tried different ways, opened different accounts and applied for Google Adsense but towards the end I failed to get new Google AdSense ID.
During that phase of time, my blog went to lower viewership rate than it used to be, prominently I was not interested to post any matters. I was losing interest in writings. Despite that I never stopped writing, that vacant space of being banned by Google was haunting me ever after. It was at that moment, my life got a new twist when my interest shifted to Sikkim biodiversity. I was interested in photography since a long time but now I got a theme for my photography, I began to click photographs of birds, butterflies, insects, floras and anything that was associated with Sikkim Biodiversity. Finally when I able to get them identified I started a new blog on Sikkim Biodiversity ( .
Slowly my attention shifted from Sikkim Heritage to Sikkim Biodiversity. To some extent it was like refreshing me and my mindset. So far in the last two years, I had collected more than 700 plus different species of Sikkim Biodiversity and the collection is getting larger day by day.
My third Google Adsense cheque
In-between I was still requesting Google for my upliftment of ban. The happy moment arrived just few days back my request was finally approved and my ban was uplifted. It was something I had almost lost hope off. The upliftment of ban has given me new hope and freshness to carry on with my blog and help share anecdotes and stories about my Sikkim to the world.

For my reader, I would like to request that please, never ever try to experiment yourself by violating the terms and conditions of Goggle Adsense.  I have accepted my stupidity and I am ever thankful towards Google Adsense for bringing me back to track !! 

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