Monday, October 26, 2015

Aamir Khan's daughter Ira Khan paints Bhutan's Tiger Nest

Aamir Khan tweets...My daughter Ira's first exhibition, and I managed to buy this one. It's called 'The Tiger's Nest'. I love it!

Ira Khan, the eldest daughter is holding her first painting exhibition at Mumbai where Aamir Khan had brought the black and white painting of Paro  Taktsang Monastery.

The monastery build in 1692 is one of the sacred sites of Buddhism; is located in the cliff-side of the upper Paro valley, in Bhutan. Paro Taktsang is the better known for its thirteen taktsang or "tiger lair" caves in which Guru Padmashambhava meditated.

Legend says Guru Padmashambhava had flown to this place on the back of tigress. The place was blessed to tame the Tiger Demon. Padmasambhava is credited with introducing Buddhism to Bhutan. Thus getting the word Tiger’s Nest!!