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Thank You Burung JHS for the honour

Thank You Burung JHS for the honour.(09.12.15)
I find myself blessed to receive my first honour as a school teacher from the school where I was first posted at.


Good Afternoon to all, with due permission from today’s Chief Guest, Special Guest,  distinguished guests from my department .i.e HRDD and others.
I am standing at the premises of a school, where I started off my journey as a school teacher. Here I stayed for six long years and I am thankful towards the school administration who finds me worthy of recognition. I find myself blessed to receive my first honour as a school teacher from the school where I was first posted at.
An honour is always an honour, whether big or small. It encourages you to improvise your effort to bring the best from you. Teaching is a beautiful profession, I was told during my initial years and at the same time I was made aware it was not the easiest of all. I entered as a teacher to give back something to the society.
Today it might seem funny but my intention as a teacher was I always wanted to work in a village school. Over the last ten years, I had many memorable and beautiful years as a school teacher in three schools I had been posted so far.
 I always believe that we teachers are the medium between the students and the outer world; the less we acquaint our students to the global world, less we are working in their all-round development. Not all students are good in academics but it’s a duty of a teacher to bring out their best. Some might be good in sports, some in culture and some in literature: we need to search for the platform, we need to provide them opportunity and help them motivate in a better way.
At this very school, the first ever football tournament played by the students they were routed with 9 goals to nil yet I was part of that moment. I was happy to see many players of that match were the finalist of Sakyong Chisopani Independence Day Football Tournament last year.
We teachers have a habit of blaming the students, parents or the guardians for a student’s failure. The day we realize that it was me, who was not able to make the lesson understand to my student, I am sure the outcome would surely be a positive one. Here we are dealing with a student many years junior to us, we cannot communicate with the student through a graduate thinker….we need to go down to the student level…we need to be like them and interact with their ideology.
Coming back to Burung JHS, I have seen this school grow from a mere Burung Primary School. I had a good opportunity during my stay at this school. Thank you to NT Sir, Uttam Sir, MB sir, Kamal Sir, Sabitra Madam and Gangaa Madam.
From here, I would specially like to thank Mrs. Indira Rizaal, Pre Primary Teacher of this school for helping me in many projects we together did in this school then. I do not hesitate to speak that the honour I received here has her part of share too.
Thanks to the new headmistress, her arrival is a blessing to this school, blessing to this village.
Thank you once again!! And wishing the school the best in the coming days too!!

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