Saturday, January 16, 2016

Interview of the week: Everything is in the name… HELEN : Shakuntala Vidya Sharma

She is the face of Sikkimese girl in the Nepali film Industry; former model and a popular Hindi TV serial actress, meet Shakuntala Vidya Sharma from Daramdin. She is ready with her new Nepali film ‘Helen’, which is also her first home production.

      Tell us something about yourself?
Born in a modest family, I am the middle child among three girls. Both my parents have spent their lives teaching, while I have always been more inclined towards art, unlike anyone else in the family. Acting has been my favorite form of expression. It is when I act I feel I’m letting go of everything I want to express. That is where I find myself. So maybe that’s me.

·    From Daramdin to Helen, how has life changed?
It isn’t much different from the real journey from Daramdin to Gangtok. Some green forests, Paddy fields, Cascading waterfalls, rivers, smooth highways and some bumpy roads in between. So in every journey the view, time and place constantly change. With that change comes experience and with that experience comes change. Life is still the same, thoughts and views are different now.

     Your film Helen is all set to release, what are your expectations?
The only expectation I have is that those who wish to watch our film will find a way to watch it and I wish that everyone watch it.

·    Why Helen, what is it in a name?
Everything is in the name… HELEN.

·    How close is the film’s story with the reality of life?
It’s a real fiction. The story may be fictitious but the moments are something one can relate to.

    This is your second movie with Prashant Rasaily, the film director. What is so special about him?
I don’t know what is so special about him, but what I’m sure of is, his work is special.
·    You have acted in a popular TV serial “Balika Vadhu” how did it happen and how was life after that?
I decided to move to Mumbai after my college in Darjeeling in 2010 and joined an acting school there. After a series of auditions I finally managed to get into the Television series and Balika Vadhu is one of those. After the Mumbai experience in small screen and before Helen here in Sikkim, there has been some life changing events. Some I have learnt from my own shortfalls and some from others. So all these learning has definitely made me stronger and wiser to take bigger steps in my life.

·    How did the seed of acting get into you?
I must have eaten it… (Oops!!)

Is it easy for a model to be an actor?
Yes… If there’s an actor inside the model.
     What are the projects you are looking forward to?
I am looking forward to “projects”
     Your words to the readers.
Please continue to read and share your words of encouragement to artists and dreamers. That is all that keeps them happy and moving. Thank you all.