Sunday, July 31, 2016

Singtam Basibiyalo visits Sumin Mangthang JHS

SINGTAM, JULY 29: Singtam Basibiyalo made a special appearance during the inauguration of the new school building of Sumin Mangthang JHS on July 28. BB Rai, Area MLA Namcheybong Constituency  inaugurated the new building while other guests included Puran Gurung, Chairman Denzong Agricultural Co-Operative Society, Sonam Dezongpa, Joint Director, HRDD and others. Highlight of the day was inauguration of the school building along with felicitation program, cultural program and a football match.

Famed literary forum Singtam Basibiayalo had been a platform for singers, dancers and poets in and around Singtam since last two decades. At the function in Sumin Mangthang too, participants from Basibiyalo presented song and dance program. Dinesh Dahal, Pritam Sundas, Srizu Basnet and Dristi Dahal entertained the gathered crowds with their soulful songs while Surabhi Chettri performed a classical dance.
Mohan Pradhan ‘Neeraj’, Sansthapak Singtam Basibiyalo was the host of the one hour long program. Other members of the Basibiyalo family included TB Pradhan, Advisor, Ganesh Pradhan, Krishna Chettri and  Kamal Gurung. Noted poet Chakrapani Bhattarai and Ram Sharma ‘Firkey’, stand up comedian also enthralled the crowds with their poetry and humour. Singtam Basibiyalo had also sponsored trophies for the open dance competition of the day that was participated by the students of Sumin Mangthang and other nearby organisations..