Sunday, January 29, 2017

Artistic work at Namphing Mangal Dham

Visit to Krishna Mangaldham at Namphing

Visit to Krishna Mangaldham at Namphing

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy New Year Bebay - 2017

Another Year passed by and I am still counting days when we will have a face-off. Your words still echoes in my ear when I heard your voice a month back ...after a long season!! I did feel sad you did not want to listen to my voice.... but its ok, I can make it out. 
I know you have a different feel for me. My feeling for you remains the same when I last touched you head when we bid farewell. The wound you have stored is same here...just wanted to hug you and cry!!
Don't know...when will you read all these lines I have written for you...I don't have ill feelings for anyone...we can't clap with a single hand just like that I don't want to spread ill words of your close ones to you....its matter of time you will learn about me. Even in a bad impression to you...I just love you and eager to hug you...
Happy New Year Bebay ....wishing you best days in 2017...