Friday, January 12, 2018

Happy New Year 2018 Bebay

Hi Bebay

Yet another year starts off and still i have not come across you. You must have dead emotions for me by now but from my side i think of you everyday and talk to myself, you must be doing good. 

I might not have answers to your thousands of questions you might be thinking and looking for its answers; me too have thousands of words for you but i cannot confide to anyone. When i think of you, i am alone, when i want to talk about you with others i am alone.

With each passing days, the hope of meeting you and hugging you deepens. I do want to hold you and cry along with you. Chooree !! I love you and it is hidden within me only. 

Hope someday you will flip over the pages of this blog and reply me back.

With lots of love - Happy New Year to you.

Yours Baba