Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Nepali Bhasa Diwas celebrated at Shantinagar

SINGTAM, AUGUST 19:  27th Nepali Bhasa Manyata Diwas was observed by Shantinagar Gaon Sudhar Samiti today. Shyam Rai, Additional Director, Food Department and Raj K Shrestha, Senior Nepali literary figure was the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour for the day. KB Chettri, Principal, Singtam SSS also graced the occasion as Guest of Honour along with his two Nepali Language teachers and forty students.

Other distinguished guests included Somnath Pandey, President, Sadbhawana Samiti, Nandu Dutraj, Senior news reporter, Johny Rai, Singtam social media, Bhimraj Ghimiray and others. LN Pradhan, Chief Advisor of SGSS was the host of the day while Krishna Chettri, President SGSS gave the welcome speech.

Highlight of the day was Nepali poem recitations and culture programmes. Nishant Dulal, Lokesh Mukhia, Surya Kharel and Shital Pradhan recited poems appreciated by the crowds. Norsang Tamang, Ayushman Chettri and Aditi Pokhrel sang beautiful songs while Paruna Subba presented a solo dance. Traditional music player Bhanu Pohkrel from Shantinagar presented his music with sarangi, marchunga and Murali. Late Lakhidevi Sundas, popular Nepali writer and Sahitya Akademi winner was also paid respect with two minute silence. 

Talks on struggle of Nepali language movement and its status till date were spoken by different speakers. Quiz competition related to Nepali language was also held for students and the audiences. Maiya Chettri and Sunita Gurung, both members of Shantinagar Gain Sudhar Samiti was presented with mementos for their donation of LPG cylinder, Chullah and 30 numbers of GIC sheets towards the Samiti. The participants of the program were also presented with mementos and certificates.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Former Headmaster Mahesh Dahal felicitated at Chisoapni JHS IDay

73rd Independence Day was celebrated at Sakyong Chisopani JHS. The highlight of the day was March Past by School students along with patriotic dance presentation. Action song dance and drill by the junior section was highly appreciated by the crowds. 

Mahesh Dahal, former Headmaster of the school was felicitated on the occasion towards the all round development of the school in his tenure. 

TB Rai, former panchayat was the Chief Guest of the day while Ramesh Gurung,  Ward Panchayat was the Guest of honour. Other guests present on the occassion were PB Tamang, SMC Advisor, SMC President and others.

Stella Subba, former student recited a poem with a social message. In an exhibition football match between the teams of Primary and Upper Primary was won by Primary Team in a penalty shoot-out.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

73RD ID celebrated at Shantinagar

SINGTAM, AUGUST 15: Shantinagar Gaon Sudhar Samiti celebrated the 73rd Independence Day with joy and enthusiasm.  The highlight of the day was felicitation of nine individuals in and around Singtam on fields like service towards national/state, sports, health and social service.

LP Chettri, retired Divisional Engineer, Power Department, Government of Sikkim was the Chief Guest of the occasion. Deepa Chettri, Shantinagar Panchayat and Deu Kri. Pradhan were the Guest of honour.

Krishna Chettri, President SGSS gave the welcome speech while Shital Pradhan was the host of the day and Dhiraj Pradhan gave vote of thanks.

Amisha Bishwakarma, Aditi Pokhrel and Ayushman Chettri, students of nearby schools of Singtam sand patriotic songs. The felicitated individuals included KB Baniya (retired army), Son Bdr Tamang (retired police official), Palzor Tshering Bhutia (Social Service), Parshuram Chettri (Baidhya), Ganesh Chettri (Yoga Guru), Bhuwan Sharma (Blood Donor), Pritam Shilal (Boxing Coach), Sangay Bhutia (JVC Football Academy), Bijay Pradhan (Howler Football Academy).

Five gold medalists from Pritam Shilal Boxing Centre were also presented with certificate for their win at recently concluded 17th Sikkim State Boxing Championship.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Speaker Das inagurates Blood Bank at District Hospital Singtam

Singtam, August 05: District Hospital Singtam had its first blood bank today inaugurated by Speaker LB Das in presence of Dr. MK Sharma, Area MLA & Health Minister. The program was attended by Officials from Health Department, head of schools, members of Voluntary Blood Donars Association of Sikkim, Sikkim Unit and other social workers.

Chief Guest and other guests visited the new building and congratulated the Blood Bank Department.
VBDAS is working on voluntary blood donation movement since 2008 mostly motivation, donation camp and fulfill the requirements through the voluntary blood doors. Keeping the fact of blood shortage in our blood bank VBDAS is working tirelessly to create a strong network of blood donors throughout the state and national wide.

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Margaret Court autograph affected by Great Rain of India

Its raining cats and dogs in India. The whole nation is facing the problem of heavy rain leading to floods and water entering the streets and homes at different places. The natural calamity affected in loos of humans, animals, crops and others. In this tragedy, my mail from Australia from the tennis legend Margaret Court also got affected. The envelope which had three autographed photo was washed off. I am happy SHE signed me but it hurts to see the condition of the envelope and the photos.

Rate of Ultrasound, ECG & othes at Ruchi Diagnostic Clinic

I had been regularly visiting Ruchi Diagnostic Clinic, Gangtok. For the benefit of others i am sharing the rate of different test done there as on July 2019.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Interview of the week: Singaraj Newar – World War II veteran from Sikkim

He is a 98 years old grandfather. His life is a historic timeline where he had saw the Britishers rule India, had participated at World War II as a soldier of 3/4th Gorkha Rifles, witnessed the Indian Independence, saw Sikkim turn democracy from monarchy. Pau had an opportunity to come across the legend to share his life in his own words. Meet Singraj Newar, a world war veteran from Sang.

1.        Namaste Aja, Please tell us about your parents and your birth place.
Ans: Jojolapa to all. I was born in 1920 in Sang Rabdang Bhansari village to Late Shidhi Raj Pradhan and Late Laxmi Pradhan. I was in my early teen when my father passed away at the age of 55 years. My mother passed away after my retirement. 
2.        How was your childhood?
Ans: I was not fortunate to see a school. My life as a childhood was very difficult. My father passed away leaving five brothers, two sisters and my mother. I was then 13 years old. At my tender age, I had to look after cows at the cow-shed at Burung and Tinek Chisopani. There were 40-50 cows. In the morning we had to collect muhoi and butter and rush to the Sang market and return back with maize-rice, salt and mustard oil. All day long I and my maila daju were herd boys while at the evening we had to gather fodders for the cattles. Sometimes I even had to walk to Gangtok to sell butter. I spend more than ten years of my life in such a way.  
3.        Why did you choose to be an army man?
Ans: My maila daju used to sell butter at Singtam bazaar on ever friday haat. One day, he was told by a plainsman about recruitment of young men in an army. He was told that army men would get a nice salary. My brother after returning from Singtam haat met me and told about his meeting with the plainsmen. The very next day, we handed over the cow-shed responsibility to other and went to meet the plainsman. Me and my daju were barefooted, in a friable half pant and shirt which we had to impress. We met the plainsman and we were taken to Darjeeling where the recruitment was going on. The walk-able route then was through Temi Tarku, Ravangla, Namchi, Jorethang, Bijanbari and it took two days to reach Ghoom, Darjeeling.
Physical fitness test was held at Depa Darra, Ghoom where many of the participants including my maila daju too failed to qualify. Those people was asked to return back home. I was among those selected for the Training Cente at Pathankot. After one month of training, we were directly sent to war at Burma via Assam. We had with us a rifle, bullets and gaiti. My qualification in the army was as a Map Reader 3rd Class.
4.        What experience do you have about the World War II?
Ans: The scene of World War II was very challenging. Bullets flying off so close to your eyes and bombs dropped from the airplane night and day making it worse to survive. I saw many of my unit men die in that war and I too was wounded. One of my enemies’ bullets hit my leg and even to this day I have that scar.
I got enrolled in a 3/4th Gorkha Rifles unit on April 7, 1943 and my salary then was rupees eighteen. There was a strict discipline at the camps. Those army men who had less education or nil were not allowed to ask anything. Once the Commander shouted ‘Go’, we had to march forward and we never knew where we were heading for. For more than a month we travelled at the oceans and were send off to places of Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan.
5.        What are the different medals you have received so far?
Ans: I have received Star Medal (1939-45), Burma Star, War Medal, G.S. Medal with clasp 1945-46 and Independence Medal (1947). After the Indian Independence, some of the Gorkha Unit left for Britain with the Britishers. My Unit was left over in India where I was posted in Jammu and Kashmir borderline for the next seven years.
6.        Did you have other Newar army men in your unit from Sikkim? Can you name few?
Ans: There were Newar friends but today I forgot their names. In my battalion, we had Gurung, Mangar, Rai and Limboo.
7.        How did you spend your life after the retirement from the army?
Ans: I retired from army on September 12, 1958. My age was 36 years then. I was offered job in Sikkim but I decided to do farming. 
8.        Tell us about your family.
Ans: I have five sons (my elder son passed away 14 years back) and three daughters. I had given them good education which I could not get. 
9.        Why had you kept ‘Newar’ as you surname instead of commonly used ‘Pradhan’?
Ans: There is nothing big story behind my name; it was the Britishers who wrote my surname as Newar during the enrolment of my name at the Army Training Centre. We were classified as Hindu-Gorkha and sub class as a Newar.
10.    Any message to the youngsters who wants to join army?
Ans: I would love to see the youngsters joining the army. They get disciplined, have good health and the salary is also good. Joining army is all about making your nation proud. You become a part of a history. And there is no job better than guarding a nation.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

20 days Newa Workshop concluded at Singtam

SINGTAM, JULY 19:  Valediction program on twenty days Newa workshop on Language, Food and Dance ended with joy and enthusiasm. The last day of the program had exhibition of newa food items prepared by the trainees of the workshop. Newa dance and presentation of mementos to the teachers was the other highlight of the day. 

More than twenty six members of newa community from in and around Singtam had registered for the workshop. The program was organised by Newa Bhay Bowneykuti, Singtam.
Laxmi Sakya, Member, Newa Deya Dabu, Tamsipakha, Kathmandu and Yogbir Sakya, Kalimpong were the two teachers for the twenty days long Newa Workshop. Laxmi Sakya taught on preparation of food items while Yogbir Sakya taught newa language.
Distinguished guests present on the occasion included Praveen Pradhan from Rongli Passa, Dr. Sushen Pradhan, Sarad Pradhan and Bikash Pradhan from Sikkim Newa Guthi Youth Affairs, Babita Pradhan, newa teacher from Chujachen SSS and members of Newa Bhay Bowneykuti, Singtam.
The program started with the lightening of a lamp followed by Saraswati Bandana. Binod Pradhan, President, Newa Bhay Bowneykuti, Singtam gave the welcome speech. Report presentation of the workshop was provided by Ajit Pradhan, General Secretary, NBB. Seema Pradhan was the host while Ravi Pradhan gave the vote of thanks. 

The two teachers were offered khadas by LN Pradhan, Advisor, NBB while Binod Pradhan, President, NBB presented the mementos. On the occasion, Anmol Pradhan was presented with 100% Attendance Award. Newa dance was presented by Aadarsh Pradhan, Reshma Pradhan and Tanishka Pradhan. The trainee students from the food learning class exhibited food items prepared by themselves and explained the recipe before the gathered crowd. The food items displayed included Yomari, methi ko jhol, methi aachar, womari, chatamari, choila veg, choila non veg, chicken aachar, egg curry, alu dam, mata aachar, selmari, safu micha and others.

Laxmi Sakya in her speech thanked the members of NBB for their efforts in learning and preserving the Newa Culture. She further said, geographically divided but we share the same culture and that makes our relationship very strong. Yogbir Sakya, Chief Guest of the day too appreciated the efforts of the Newars of Singtam. Language in his word, he said is for the coming generation. Preservation of language and culture makes a community strong and united.

Bikash Pradhan, Coordinator, Newa Language, HRDD and member Sikkim Newa Guthi Youth Affairs said the members of Newa Bhay Bowneykuti, Singtam is preparing to be a complete Newa package. Last winter one month long Newa writing and speaking classes was done and this summer the organisation had moved on with food and dance. This shows a growth and confidence in the group, he further added. Rongli PASSA is the other newa organisation from Rongli that had recently concluded Newa Food learning classes.