Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sikkim defeats Mizoram at Cooch Behar Trophy 2018 - 19


Sikkim won their second match of the Cooch Behar Trophy 2018-19 today against Mizoram by 285 runs at Jorhat, Assam. After winning their first match of the tournament against Arunachal Pradesh with 3 wickets, this is their consecutive win. Sikkim got 6 Point(s) for this win and so far 13 Point(s) is earned by the team in the tournament.
Sikkim won the toss and chose to bat first on 14th January and gave a total score of 221 runs in the first innings. Om Saini scored 84 runs followed by Arif Ahmed Ansari (43), Anwesh Karan Sharma (21), Rahul Paik (19) and Robin Limboo (11*). They restricted the opponent team to 114 runs, with Om Saini taking 4 wickets, Adarsh Ramudamu (2), Deepak Mahato (2) and Arif Ansari (1).
In the second innings, Sikkim made 245 runs with the loss of 8 wickets and declared to Mizoram. Rahul Paik made his first Century for Sikkim 107 runs followed by Deepak Mahato (31), Bhim Luitel (23), and Anwesh (19). Sikkim gave a total of 352 runs to win. Again in the second innings, Sikkim bowled out Mizoram for just 67 runs and won the match with a huge margin. Robin Limboo, Bhim Luitel, Anwesh Karan Sharma and Deepak Mahato took 2 wickets each.
Coach Lakpa Chettri says - “It was a good show by our players in all aspects of the game, mostly in bowling and fielding where no easy runs were allowed. Om Saini’s 84 runs in the first innings and his 4 wickets helped the team a lot and brought confidence in the team and in the second innings a brilliant Century by Rahul Paik gave us a good lead and helped us win this match. I am happy with the overall performance of the team. The players are improving with each match and the team is well motivated for our next match against Meghalaya.”
Sikkim has played 7 matches out of which they have won 2 against Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram, drawn 1 against Puducherry. Before the season ends Sikkim will be playing their last match against Meghalaya at MCA Cricket Ground, Polo Ground, Shillong on 21st January 2019.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How to find out if Your Child is Using Drugs or Alcohol?

{About the writer : Dr Satish Rasaily is Post-Doctorate Fellow of Addiction Medicine of NIMHANS, Bangalore working as Psychiatrist and Addiction Specialist at District Hospital Singtam. This article is from the session on early threatening signs of drug misuse held at Jorethang during Zest Marathon on 13 Jan 2019.}

How to find out if Your Child is Using Drugs or Alcohol?

Have a real, face-to-face conversation when your son or daughter comes home after socializing with friends. If there has been drinking or smoking, the smell will be on their breath, on clothing and in their hair.

Look Them in the Eyes. When your child gets home after going out with her friends, take a close look. Pay attention to his or her eyes. Eyes will be red and heavy-lidded, with constricted pupils if they’ve used marijuana. Pupils will be dilated, and he or she may have difficulty focusing if they’ve been drinking. In addition, red, flushed colour to the face and cheeks can also be a sign of drinking.

Watch for Mood Changes. How does your teen act after a night out with friends? Are they loud and obnoxious, or laughing hysterically at nothing? Unusually clumsy to the point of stumbling into furniture and walls, tripping over their own feet and knocking things over? Sullen, withdrawn, and unusually tired and slack-eyed for the hour of night? Do they look queasy and stumble into the bathroom? These are all signs that they could have been drinking, using marijuana or other drugs. 

Monitor Driving and the Car. Your teen’s car and driving habits can offer clues as well. Is driving more reckless when he or she’s coming home after being with friends? Are there new, unexplained dents? If you’re suspicious, examine the inside of the car too. Does it smell like smoke or alcohol fumes? Are there any bottles, pipes, bongs, or other drug paraphernalia rolling around on the floor or hidden in the glove box? If you find evidence of drug use, be sure to prepare for the conversation ahead.
Keep an eye out for deceit or secretiveness. Are their weekend plans starting to sound fishy? Are they being vague about where they’re going? Can they describe the movie they supposedly just saw? They say parents will be at the party they’re attending, but can’t give you a phone number and come home acting intoxicated? They get in way past curfew or estimated time with an endless string of excuses? When excuses fail, do they respond to your inquiries and concern by telling you that it’s none of your business? If these ring true, something is wrong and it’s time to take action. 

Should You Search Their Room? The limits you set with your child do not stop at their bedroom door. If you notice concerning changes in behaviour, unusual odours wafting from their room (like marijuana or cigarette smoke), smells to mask other smells like incense or air fresheners, or other warning signs, it’s important to find out what’s going on behind that “KEEP OUT” sign. 

One note of caution, however. Be prepared to explain your reasons for a search, whether or not you decide to tell them about it beforehand. You can let them know it’s out of concern for their health and safety. If you discover that your kid is not drinking or doing drugs, this could be a good time to find out if there’s something else that may need to addressed. 

Kids come up with some crafty places to conceal alcohol, drugs, and drug paraphernalia. Some possible hiding spots include: Dresser drawers beneath or between clothes Desk drawers CD/DVD/Tape/Video cases Small boxes – jewellery, pencil, etc. Backpacks/duffle bags under a bed in a plant, buried in the dirt In between books on a bookshelf inside books with pages cut out Makeup cases – inside fake lipstick tubes or compacts under a loose plank in floor boards inside over-the-counter medicine containers (Tylenol, Advil, etc.) Inside empty candy bags. Don’t overlook your teen’s cell phone or other digital devices. Do you recognize their frequent contacts? Do recent messages or social media posts hint at drug use or contradict what they’ve told you? 

If your search turns up evidence of drug use, prepare for the conversation ahead and seek help from an addiction specialist at the earliest.

Devanshi Agarwal: Sikkim’s shooting sensation

Born to Sanket Agarwal and Sonia Agarwal at Singtam, she is 14 years old and studying at Ecole Globale International Girl’s School, Dehradun. Unlike her father and her grandfather Raghubir Agarwal, both an accomplished businessmen; she took up Air Rifle shooting sport at her school at Dehradun. Meet Devanshi Agarwal who made history last August in 17th Uttrakhand Open State Shooting Championship 2018 held at Poudha. She went on to win five gold medals and a bronze medal, a most by any individual. Believe me it was Devanshi’s second tournament she had participated.
Despite being a sensation at her game, shooting event is rarely heard in Sikkim. Success story of Devanshi should inspire the youngsters of our state into this sporting event. She is a winner at her teens, who knows she could be the next big thing to watch at a national level or even at an International circle.
The last one and half year had been a wonderful spell for Devanshi. She had bagged 17 medals that include nine gold, five silver and three bronze. Her medals had come at Inter School State Championships, CBSE Nationals held at Punjab and CBSE Cluster held at Karnal. She is the best shooter of her school and in her win she had outclassed several International participants from her school.
Devanshi gives credit of her success to Shiv Lal Dogra, her coach. He had been a guiding force behind each sport-players of the school, she tells. After completing her early schooling at East Point SSS, Singtam and Holy Cross School, Gangtok she joined Ecole Globale International Girl’s School, Dehradun in 2017. It was her father’s idea to take Devanshi into Shooting. He spoked with Shiv Lal Dogra, Head of Department, Sports of her school. Trails were arranged and thereafter she never looked back. Devanshi tells she never had participated in any form of shooting events before joining Ecole Globale International Girl’s School, so she feels very good when she look into her recent success.
Devanshi participates at 10 meters .177 (Peep Sight) Air Rifle events. The Air Rifle used for the competition is 4.8 kilogram and .177, the calibre of the pellets. The distance between the rifle and the target is 10 meter; to add the participants need to wear a leather dress that weighs around 5 kg in order to balance the weight of the body with that of a rifle. It’s all about mental strength and physical strength being the major challenge while preparing for this particular event, she says.
She believes shooting being a mind game; it helped her in concentrating in the studies too. I have learned to manage time. I get up in the morning at 5 am for my practice and after that I move ahead for my classes in the afternoon. Shooting is also challenging in a way that we have to go for many tours missing our studies after which we need to cope up by taking extra classes. Our teachers are always willing to help us in this regard, she further added.
Her dream is to represent Sikkim at National levels once an association is formed by the State Government and then to represent India in Asian Games and other international events. Devanshi recalls Tusitta Rai, another girl from Sikkim who is also doing wonder at 10 mts .177 (Peep Sight) Air Pistol at National Inter School Competition. She believes gradually the sport will have a promising growth in the state too.
She follows national shooting champions a lot. She has high regards for Abinav Bindra, Gagan Narang, Heena Sindhu and Jitu Rai. Each of them had exchanged positive feedbacks, she says. But it is her father whom she considers her role model. In her words she tells, he is always by my side, whether I am excelling or gradually going down at time, because of his constant support and love this is where I am today, proudly known as a National Level shooter. It is all because of my Dad and my family’s constant support. Everybody inspires me a lot in some way or the other way, be it my lovely mother Sonia Agarwal and my grandmother Nirmala Devi Agarwal, she added.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Dear Bebay

SO SWEET and I HATE YOU!! This was the first two sentences I heard from you and believe me I told myself I love you. Over the years, I was wondering days and nights about what would be the first sentences you would toss at me. I am not amazed or surprised by your ‘I hate you’ phrase; I can see through your outlook behind those straightforward expressions you had picked it up. I always talk to myself when it comes about you? Read my lines I do talk to myself; well most of the times.
Life is always full of paradox and we all need to admit those facts. I cannot reshuffle those bygone moments that you and I missed. The moment we lost will always haunt us and I do feel, it is the same with me too. I do not have anything to add to that unhappiness it was my loss too. I am equally affected to it till date.
But if truth prevails, I am sure it is near you. Do look at your surroundings to find the truth that you too need to know. Sounds of a clap don’t come from a single palm; also you need to look around yourself who knows whatsoever truth you are shown might not be the full and complete story. 

Always you’re Ba!!

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Month long Newa Language Speaking & Learning Course started at Singtam

SINGTAM, JANUARY 06 : One month Basic Newa Language Learning and Speaking Course started at Singtam SSS from today. Forty six members of Newa community from in and around Singtam got enrolled for the Newa class. Newa Bhay Bowneykuti, Singtam had organized the month long course. The two shift classes had been managed by the organizing committee i.e. morning for the students and self employed and the late noon classes for the employed ones.

Deo Kumari Pradhan, senior social worker was the Chief Guest of the program while Krishna Chettri, President, Shantinagar Gaon Sudhar Samiti was the Guest of Honour. Bikash Pradhan, Coordinator, Newar Language Section, HRDD had designed the month long basic learning. Pradhan was also present at the inauguration program that included four Newa teachers from four different schools of Sikkim. Babita Pradhan, Nirmala Pradhan, Tara Pradhan and Meena Pradhan, editor Newar Sikkim Herald was also present on the occasion. 

The inaugural program had two section, the morning section started with the recitation of the Saraswati Bandana, thereafter Ajit Pradhan, Secretary,  Newa Bhay Bowneykuti gave a welcome speech. Bikash Pradhan, speaking on the occasion briefly spoked about the arrangement of the month long course. Pradhan added it is an opportunity for every Newa to get familiar with the language and take the benefit. Introduction of the teachers was shared. Meena Pradhan, editor, Newar Sikkim Herald said its high time that each Newa individual should come forward and work towards learning and preserving Newa culture.

LN Pradhan, Advisor, Newa Bhay Bowneykuti appreciated every individual for attending the historic event and shared his best wishes to all. Binod Pradhan, President, Newa Bhay Bueneykuti spoked in brief about the preservation and conservation of Newa culture and tradition. Interested individual can get their name registered at any time during the month long course, added Pradhan. Shital Pradhan was the host of the day while Seema Pradhan gave the vote of thanks. The second session included the inaugural class of the day. Around sixty members of Newa community attended the program today.