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20 days Newa Workshop concluded at Singtam

SINGTAM, JULY 19:  Valediction program on twenty days Newa workshop on Language, Food and Dance ended with joy and enthusiasm. The last day of the program had exhibition of newa food items prepared by the trainees of the workshop. Newa dance and presentation of mementos to the teachers was the other highlight of the day. 

More than twenty six members of newa community from in and around Singtam had registered for the workshop. The program was organised by Newa Bhay Bowneykuti, Singtam.
Laxmi Sakya, Member, Newa Deya Dabu, Tamsipakha, Kathmandu and Yogbir Sakya, Kalimpong were the two teachers for the twenty days long Newa Workshop. Laxmi Sakya taught on preparation of food items while Yogbir Sakya taught newa language.
Distinguished guests present on the occasion included Praveen Pradhan from Rongli Passa, Dr. Sushen Pradhan, Sarad Pradhan and Bikash Pradhan from Sikkim Newa Guthi Youth Affairs, Babita Pradhan, newa teacher from Chujachen SSS and members of Newa Bhay Bowneykuti, Singtam.
The program started with the lightening of a lamp followed by Saraswati Bandana. Binod Pradhan, President, Newa Bhay Bowneykuti, Singtam gave the welcome speech. Report presentation of the workshop was provided by Ajit Pradhan, General Secretary, NBB. Seema Pradhan was the host while Ravi Pradhan gave the vote of thanks. 

The two teachers were offered khadas by LN Pradhan, Advisor, NBB while Binod Pradhan, President, NBB presented the mementos. On the occasion, Anmol Pradhan was presented with 100% Attendance Award. Newa dance was presented by Aadarsh Pradhan, Reshma Pradhan and Tanishka Pradhan. The trainee students from the food learning class exhibited food items prepared by themselves and explained the recipe before the gathered crowd. The food items displayed included Yomari, methi ko jhol, methi aachar, womari, chatamari, choila veg, choila non veg, chicken aachar, egg curry, alu dam, mata aachar, selmari, safu micha and others.

Laxmi Sakya in her speech thanked the members of NBB for their efforts in learning and preserving the Newa Culture. She further said, geographically divided but we share the same culture and that makes our relationship very strong. Yogbir Sakya, Chief Guest of the day too appreciated the efforts of the Newars of Singtam. Language in his word, he said is for the coming generation. Preservation of language and culture makes a community strong and united.

Bikash Pradhan, Coordinator, Newa Language, HRDD and member Sikkim Newa Guthi Youth Affairs said the members of Newa Bhay Bowneykuti, Singtam is preparing to be a complete Newa package. Last winter one month long Newa writing and speaking classes was done and this summer the organisation had moved on with food and dance. This shows a growth and confidence in the group, he further added. Rongli PASSA is the other newa organisation from Rongli that had recently concluded Newa Food learning classes.

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