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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Anecdote: Scissor inside a bamboo root

Anecdote: When last heard a scissor not of proper use was thrown at the bushes at Shantinagar just near to my home some 19-20 years back and when in 2015 people were digging the field for the construction of the new building they found it and gave it to me.
Over the years the roots of bamboo growing nearby had gone through the scissor. Thus making an amazing story to be re-told.


Saturday, January 12, 2019


Dear Bebay

SO SWEET and I HATE YOU!! This was the first two sentences I heard from you and believe me I told myself I love you. Over the years, I was wondering days and nights about what would be the first sentences you would toss at me. I am not amazed or surprised by your ‘I hate you’ phrase; I can see through your outlook behind those straightforward expressions you had picked it up. I always talk to myself when it comes about you? Read my lines I do talk to myself; well most of the times.
Life is always full of paradox and we all need to admit those facts. I cannot reshuffle those bygone moments that you and I missed. The moment we lost will always haunt us and I do feel, it is the same with me too. I do not have anything to add to that unhappiness it was my loss too. I am equally affected to it till date.
But if truth prevails, I am sure it is near you. Do look at your surroundings to find the truth that you too need to know. Sounds of a clap don’t come from a single palm; also you need to look around yourself who knows whatsoever truth you are shown might not be the full and complete story. 

Always you’re Ba!!

Monday, October 02, 2017

My anecdotes with NB Bhandari

I still remember RB Subba, Hon’ble Minister for Human Resource Development Department of Sikkim during his recently concluded Teacher’s Day speech at Chintan Bhawan, Gangtok said “…..this year is a sad one as one of my teacher passed away who had taught me at my elementary classes. A teacher with whom I fought against and defeated him in his last political battle. He was none other than NB Bhandari, former Chief Minister of Sikkim”. 
Nar Bahadhur Bhandari, three times Chief Minister of Sikkim passed away two days before my 39th birthday day at New Delhi (July 16, 2017) after prolonged illness. I was in shock as most of the Sikkimese and nepali speaking population, it was just few weeks back a letter written by Mr. Bhandari to Bhim Rawat, President Press Club of Sikkim had surfaced in the Social Media regarding his words of ongoing Gorkhaland issue. It seemed he would come back to support the movement of the Gorkhaland. 
Getting back to my childhood, I don’t remember the year exactly, it could be the late 80s. But I do some-how recall it was his birthday, birthday celebration party of Mr. Bhandari, the then Chief Minister of Sikkim. I had accompanied my father at the party along with his Hospital staff some-where at Gangtok. I saw people everywhere as I could move my eyes around. Happy celebration mood across and I had never seen such a huge gatherings before. People were standing in a queue; offering khadas to HIM; I too was among them looking around HIS smiling face waiting for my turn.

I was given a khada by my father. As I was about to offer my khada, HE instead - surprised me by putting my khada around my neck. HE asked an envelope (I still remember it was a brown envelope) to a person nearby and handed over me and said ‘mithai khanu’. I never knew what to do with it and moving few steps further, I went near a corner and looked inside. It was a hundred rupees note of five. I was very happy almost in a cloud nine. With joy around, returning back home I just recalled when will I visit him again in his next birthday! 
The year passed by and the D-day arrived. It was the birthday of the Chief Minister of Sikkim and Bua was there again to accompany me to the party. As the previous year, my visit was nothing but the expectation of that brown envelope – which to be very frank and with sadness I did not received nor did I saw anyone near HIM. Though there was unhappiness around my face and my heart; yet the charishma of the party was something to be seen. I had never come across such celebrations since ages now. In between, many years later I learned about him more from my mother. I was told HE was a teacher at Rongli before joining the politics; he and his family used to stay in a rented room at Aja’s place. Even today when I enter THAT room, I can feel the aura of presence. 
In my growing years, I was always fond of hobbies and one such hobby was an autograph collection. In 2003, despite little hope, I wrote to few of the leaders of Sikkim for an autograph and to my surprise I received two letters within some times, one from BB Goorong, the shortest reigned CM of Sikkim and from Mr. Bhandari.
My second meeting with HIM was few years back at STNM Hospital, Gangtok. My father was kept at one of the private wards of STNM Hospital. I heard Bhandari Sir was admitted the next ward. I wanted to meet him but I was hesitant. 
Breaking my hesitant, I went inside the room. I greeted Namaste and went near HIM, there were four people around and HE too greeted me with folded hands. Bhai lai chinnu sakinah, he told. I replied I am the grandson of Siba Narayan Pradhan from Rongli. CB (Siba) Gurubau, he said to which I nodded my head. He told me about his days at Rongli and his bonding with aja. As I was talking with HIM, a man came and asked HIM his identity card for the formalities of the discharge form of the hospital. 
HE handed over a card. A little later that man returned back claiming the nurse wanted a voter card and no other card. HE laughed at that man’s word and went on to say, this is a Member of Parliament Identity Card that your Chief Minister also does not have. Smiling back he gave his voter card to that person. I too bid farewell, he told me to introduce myself whenever I come across HIM. 
That was Nar Bahadhur Bhandari, three times Chief Minister of Sikkim, one of the longest serving Chief Minister in India. During the first death anniversary of my grandmother held at our home at Shantinagar, Singtam earlier March, HE had arrived. I did not go near him but clicked his few photographs with Dhaba and others. That was the last time I saw HIM.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Main January mein Sikkim aunga : PM Modi

Nirmal Mangar, my good journalist friend shares his anecdotes meeting with Prime Minister Modi. He was among the Sikkim Journalist Team that got an opportunity to witness the proceedings of parliament at New Delhi last year. 
Nirmal Mangar in his facebook status writes.... "It was last monsoon, I got an opportunity to meet the man of India in Parliament House, I felt pompous and happy to thank him on mentioning Sikkim's organic mission in both the parliaments ( of India and Nepal) also not to forget his Germany visit.
I still have a strong memory of him telling ' Main January mein Sikkim aunga (I will come to Sikkim on January) and will declare your state as the first in the country to adopt organic farming'
Finally, the great moment has arrived."
Truely a great moment has arrived, we all Sikkimese is awaiting this big moment when PM Modi will declare Sikkim as the fully Organic State.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Be our guest; return as a friend!!

I am a proud Sikkimese and whenever someone points out a finger to my Sikkim, it obviously hurts me.  Being blessed to be born in this serene land of Sikkim makes me more attached to the nature and its surroundings.
Since last seven years I had been blogging about Sikkim and sharing off my knowledge with the world. From my side, I am promoting my state and proving a point that a name called ‘Sikkim’ exists in a globe. Sikkim is a small and a young state….once an independent kingdom that later on became part of a mighty Indian Union.
Since last ten years, we (off our own) have been emerging…well growing in different sectors like tourism, education and others. Our state’s growth in the last one decade can be compared with any places in the world. We were in high spirits that global travel guide ‘Lonely Planet’ had named our state as the "best region to visit in 2014”. It was in-fact a matter of pride for us.
Few days back, a writer publishes an article ‘North Bengal, Sikkim ; Manas National Park’ in different bird sites about his trip report. It was a well written family field trip and in places it was interesting, but I am sorry to say I found few sentences about Sikkim that could had been written in a better way.
Before going through his words, let me say about few things that make our Sikkim different from others. We are the first Indian state to outline an eco-tourism policy that helped in the development of the village tourism. Sikkim is the first state in India to make laws for conservation of forest and wild life. Ten minutes to Earth is a unique and pioneering initiative in the world. Sikkim has the highest road density in the country. Our state is encouraging adventure tourism in a larger scale and people are being individually self dependent. In Sikkim, tourism is trade and trade here means providing employment.
Well, the article reads the writer was on his first visit to Sikkim and he finds three districts in Sikkim. To the readers outside Sikkim, I would like to share that Sikkim has four districts. Since the state has sensitive borders with China, most of the areas are restricted to foreigners and others need official permit. Visitors can enter Sikkim through Rangpo and Melli but not without authorized letters, so beware of being caught.
I strongly advise the tourist to avoid what he writes, ‘Most tour operators will take clients to West Sikkim as it does not require a second permit and cars from West Bengal are allowed in too’.  In the past, it has happened that a foreign visitor was politely returned from Sikkim as he did not had a proper permit that too in West Sikkim. He had illegally entered through West Bengal route.

Birding is one such field in Sikkim that is closely gaining popularity with each passing days. About Kitam Bird Sanctuary, he writes  ...’This is the only bird sanctuary in Sikkim and its website promises much. However, the planted forest looks very unsuitable for birds. I believe the declaration of Kitam as a bird sanctuary was more politically motivated than actually a suitable place for birds and the only bird we saw after an hour was Red Junglefowl’.
Kitam Bird Sanctuary is first of its kind when it comes of birding in Sikkim and within couple of years we will have few more bird sanctuary in our state. I am just a year old in understanding birds. Whatsoever I have learned I believe those shy souls does take their own moments to play hide and seek in the greenery.
If you are in Kitam and want to catch the best birding experience, you should be here during September-October and April-May. Don’t expect those feathered beauties to spread their magic in winters.  
The planted forest as lines reads seems funny. With a forest area of 47.3 percent of the total geographical area; Sikkim is India's greenest state. Forest is our treasure and we are into preservation and not politically motivated. We are just spreading green messages!!
I am sure whatever nationality we belong whether German or British, whether a Goan or a Gujarati, we all love our place and acknowledge good hospitality to anyone who visit us. When we write in an internet, there are millions of people reading and watching it. A silly mistake can make a negative impact.
We, Sikkimese people are peace loving and we would like to share our world with others. 

Visit Sikkim- be our guest; return as a friend!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Danny and his 'Cheese seller' humour

This was an interesting read about our Agya Danny I came across today. In this piece of page from an old hindi film magazine an anecdote is mentioned about Danny Denzongpa in which it writes that once Danny was traveling in a plane and while getting accustomed with an Oxford return Indian who pretended not to know him. Danny had introduced him to be from Kathmandu and made Yak Cheese that was exported worldwide. The person seated beside him had his jaw slumped and Danny continued to tell the man more about Cheese until the person had enough of his foolishness and fell at Danny’s feet and told that he knew that, he was talking to no other than “Danny”. Danny denies and continues his word and says….he looks like him (Danny) and he had been told by people before!  Agya you are simply amazing......always love you!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nehru received the news of death of Gabbar Singh on his 70th birthday as a birthday gift !!

I was going through an article from a book "The British, The Bandits And The Bordermen," and there is something i could not help myself from sharing with my readers. It is an interesting anecdote, it could had been more serious then but i could not let off my smile from it while reading it now. The book is more of a biographical account of Border Security Force's founder director general late K F Rustamji. The book is based on more than 3,500 pages of Rustamji's diaries and the articles present first person account about some of the tumultuous developments like Partition, Chinese aggression and the Indo-Pak war.

One of an article writes about an unique gift Jawaharlal Nehru received on his 70th birthday from Madhya Pradesh Police. The gift was nothing than a news " of death of dreaded dacoit Gabbar Singh, who went on to achieve cult status post-"Sholay".  Rustamji writes "Gabbar Singh and his gang had been killed in a bold encounter in Bhind district the previous evening that is November 13. I conveyed the news and that was the gift that the Madhya Pradesh Police presented. He appeared happy,". According to Rustamji, Gabbar was a nose-chopper and vowed to cut off the noses of 116 people. "He had already succeeded with 26. He was one of the most brutal in the ignoble gallery of the Madhya Pradesh dacoits,".