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Thursday, January 15, 2015

White Horse Productions releases ‘Resham Filili’’s music in Sikkim

Nepali comedy film Resham Filili produced from Nepal had its music launch today at Deorali, Gangtok. A musical function was held at Deorali, Gangtok, capital of Sikkim which also was an India release. Gangtok based, White Horse Productions is an exhibition partner of the movie for India. The audio release was held in presence of Raghav Chettri, Social Worker , Shital Pradhan, blogger “Proud to be a Sikkimese”, Biren Lama, CEO “The White Horse Production” Priyanka Tamang, General Manager, “The White Horse Production” and others.
The film stars Vinay Shresta, Menuka Pradhan and Kameshwar Chaurashriya and others. Music by Kali Prasad Baskota, the hummable songs of the movie is getting popular with each passing days. There are four songs in the film.
Actor Vinay Shresta explaining his inability to attend the audio release had sent a video message from Kathmandu, Nepal through internet that was shown to the gathering. Shresta in his message had thanked everyone for the presence in the audio release and appealed everyone to watch. He said it is an entertaining movie. The movie shall be released on April 24, 2015 simultaneously in Nepal and Sikkim.
Speaking on the occasion, Biren Lama and Priyanka Tamang of “The White Horse Production” told that this is their first venture in film partnership and they have many more plans in coming days. The White Horse Production had earlier made music videos and documentaries to their credits. It was also announced that “Proud to be a Sikkimese” blog and “Voice of Sikkim” website will be the official online partner of the film in India.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

I am happy to be called 'Second Narayan Gopal' : Dev Narayan Pradhan

How easy is it to live in a shadow of another person? Yet Dev Narayan Pradhan finds himself blessed when people around refers him as ‘second Narayan Gopal ’. Lord Ganesha is always worshiped before any occasion and in nepali music it is said Narayan Gopal, the greatest and the biggest exponent of nepali music is remembered.  To be associated with such legendary voice is my biggest gift I have ever received, says Dev Narayan Pradhan.
His evergreen song ‘Kati kura nabhanera nai metha metha huncha’ from his only solo album released some 15-16 years back was a big hit among school goers like me. To meet this man of golden voice was no more than an opportunity un-expected. Occasion was the Maghey Mela opening at Rongli and he was among few invited singer guest on the occasion. It was good of Bhanu Daju (Bhanu Gurung), a musical talent from Sikkim who happened to be my wife’s family member and Sunil daju, my wife’s twin brother who brought Dev Narayan Pradhan at Bikash daju, Suni’s elder brother at Sungdung for an overnight halt. We were all celebrating Tamu Lochar out there.
I have seen his (Dev Narayan Pradhan) photograph from his nepali album when I was at final years of my schooling. What I remembered was a man in black suit with a pencil-touch moustache catching hold of a microphone. The man before me that evening was an elderly person, a simple soul and his better half as easy going as him. All of a sudden there was a buzz among the family members of his arrival all preparing to be introduced. Me too was in a line and believe me I wished to touch him. I have heard about him but to come across him where I could feel his breathing was never thought upon. Bhanu Daju introduced me to Dev Narayan Pradhan. The next 16 -17 hours he stayed with us was no more than a magic moment I will treasure a lifelong.
There was off course a music session till late evening, Dev Narayan Pradhan singing few of his personal song and naturally his master’s song too. Bhanu Daju in guitar supporting the legend; Tamu Lochar, the Gurung New Year had begun.  I could see people sitting around clapping and making merry of the golden moment I would better call it. There was an exchange of songs, I felt it great that most of my in-laws are good singers and everyone enjoyed the moment. Suraj Daju even sang Dev Narayan Pradhan’s song which he could not hold his smile back. I was all capturing the moment in my cameras as I always do.
The next morning, our relationship too had changed, I was more comfortable calling him ‘daju’ and he did not hesitate to call me ‘jawai’. Being associated with media, when I was talking with him, I could feel I was taking his interview.  He shared many on his musical journey and for a listener like me it was like reading a book. According to Dev Narayan Daju, his failure to come across in person with Narayan Gopal always pinches him. He was in touch with Narayan Gopal through letters and Dev Narayan Daju even had send his music cassette but the legendary singer passed away couple of days prior to their proposed meet. Daju went on to say he was in touch with Narayan Gopal’s wife for the long time till her death.
I wanted to know from him about that particular moment when in a programme on Narayan Gopal at Kathmandu, his song brought Narayan Gopal’s wife in tears. He said, he had always sung with passion and ‘with a feel’ and it was that feel of a song that brought her tears. During that programme, he was given a security and whenever he and his wife visited, security guards also followed them. It was something very strange and a proud moment for us, he recalled.
Born to a family where his parent died when he was a child, Dev Narayan Pradhan did not complete his schooling. Music being his pleasure passion, he followed it and today he has status of his own.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Interview of the week: Let's give an anthem to sing, encourage and motivate them: AS Music

          Interview of the week

Music videos in Sikkim is growing with each passing days and despite collected works of creativity coming from different corners of the state, a small yet beautiful music video  ‘Jiwan mitho cha’ is attracting attention.  Meet Ashis Tamang and Sudershan Sunar (AS Music), young and budding musicians behind the success of music video ‘Jiwan mitho cha’ from soon to be release Nepali album “Vinnata”.   

·         What is Jiwan Mitho Cha?
Jiwan Mitho Cha (life is beautiful) is a voice against SUICIDE and understanding this beautiful gift to mankind called "life". The lyrics of the song is the message saying that although life is full of struggle and problems we still need to wrestle through it and give a chance to life to prevail. Suicide is not the solution. Don't run away from your life; face it, live it. Cheers to life...
·          Any incident related to the song you want to share?
 Well, the song is really close to our heart. The entire composition took just about 10 minutes. The song was composed almost a year and a half ago. This was in fact our (Ashis & Sudershan) first composition together and since then we decided to continue our musical expedition together. The song is soothing to ears and also fills your heart with joy when you sing it. We have sung it for over thousands of time but have never been bored of it. Many came up with prospects of adding more lyrics to the song but we kept it as it was originally written and composed. The simplicity of the song is nursed so that everyone can hear our voice.

·          Why do you think this concept was required?
The idea was to highlight the simplicity and innocence of the children and the old. Whenever I (Sudershan) walked across the road near that school, it brought an immense amount of joy and happiness to me looking at those little kids smiling, playing and enjoying their life. SIKKIM HIMALAYA ACADEMY (Bariakhop, west Sikkim) is where we shot the major part of the song. The idea with which the song was written was so alive in that beautiful school. It's a free school and children come from different places. It gives you great strength looking at the efforts of the teachers and students contributing to the happiness of each other. I couldn't found a better place and environment to deliver the message we wanted to through our song.
·          Any future projects?
Yes, we are working on our album "VINNATA" which is due to be released this October. The album is the compilation of different social issue with a total different sound. You will hear a total new genre; the fusion of metal, rock and classical which we have named as "metro classics". Of course there have been a lot of experimentations on mixing different genres and yes the melody part is taken care of. The lyrics are strong and it would be fun to listen. We hope people like it. Beside this we (AS Music) in collaboration with Hanan Pro are working on a project "KHULLA SADAK -save a child" against human trafficking which will be released very soon.
·          Message to the readers
Change is what is required in our society. Change in our thought against social injustice and discriminations, change in our ideas against religious and cultural differences. We need to raise our voice for the weaker and unfavored class in our society. Let's give them an anthem to sing, encourage and motivate them. We are all the same. Let's not make speculations in terms of money, caste, color or religion. Let us bring small change in ourselves; 'a change for changes'
·          Tell us about yourself.
AS Music are Ashis Tamang and Sudershan Sunar. We do our own compositions, arrange the song and write lyrics. It's basically our own music. Sudershan (SUDA): my hometown is Singtam (Sikkim). I am currently working as a banker in Sikkim State Co-operative (SISCO) Bank Ltd. Ashis: I am from Pedong (Kalimpong) but currently living in Siliguri and working as a music teacher. Beside this I am pursuing my B.A in Indian music and Rock Music. Sabin Tamang is the official manager of AS Music.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A good artist will perform any kind of song in any kind of situation : Nitish Pradhan

Meet Nitish Pradhan, an upcoming music heartthrob of Sikkim. His music reflects melody, youthfulness and about the lifestyle Sikkim. He is the one half of Sikkim’s first male/female pop.

1. Three music video in a short span, how do you see yourself in coming years? :
It’s not as easy as one views it. It entails so much hard work and labour to come up with a song first and then to make a music video is a totally different ball game altogether. As an artist it is natural to expect progression and growth. I wish that too. Hopefully in my upcoming songs everyone will see a different side to my artistry. At the end, it is a team work and my sincere thanks to each and every individual that I have worked with till now.
2. Your "Maya" video was highly appreciated, your say.
Even with relatively less promotion "Maya" surpassed our expectations. "Anisha-Nitesh" Duo is known for this song. I always believed that a good song will always get its due someday. We still get compliments for "Maya" from the audience. The video required such a grueling schedule for everyone involved but finally it all went smoothly.
3. Is it important to be in love to sing a romantic numbers? How do u define love?
A good artist will perform any kind of song in any kind of situation. However, being in love is never a bad thing! Although the sad part is I have been in love just once & it fizzled out quickly too (Laughs). I always believe love is unconditional. We should not have a pre-conceived notion of love. It may come and go anytime but that does not mean one should cringe and cry rather we should celebrate love in various other dimensions as a son, brother or a friend.
4. How do you make yourself comfortable from the expectation people have from Anisha -Nitesh duo?
I keep on getting queries from everyone what next? As a duo we have so many more avenues to explore and grow not only as artists but also as a human being. Anisha is out of Sikkim for her studies even I am busy here. We are glad that people have expectations from us. We always tried to give the listeners songs that are simple and melodious in their own way. Our next collaboration should be as good as "Maya". We will work on it once we have settled other commitments in life.
5. Any plan for a solo album...
Yes! It’s very exciting. Each song will show a different side of me. I really don't know at this point whether it will be a mini-album or a full-fledged one but it will surely be something very different from what I have done till now. There will be surprise collaborations with other artists too. The basic concept of the album is ready but there are many more things to work on it so I will not be in the position to comment on its release date.
6. What do u do apart from studies and music?
I am a current affairs junkie! I read magazines, Journals, watch news. I absolutely love Politics. Today our youths show disenchantment with the political system but that should not be the case. We must be part of the political system to shake or change it. I love hanging out with family and friends. I have a spiritual side too. I meditate & listen to the discourses of various spiritually enlightened beings from all faiths. In today's materialistic world it is very important to keep a tab on one's spiritual health.
7. How did u develop an interest in politics?
Coming from a politically aware background our dinner time conversation is politics! We love having political discussions on the dinner table. This is the way we have been brought up and I feel it’s very healthy that one is getting ideological mentoring from home itself.
8. Any last thoughts.
Do what your heart says. Follow your dreams passionately. Love and be happy with yourself first than only u can make people around you happy!! Lastly, spare some thought to the world around you. Be aware of things happening around. Love the universe!!!