Thursday, October 21, 2010

Samten Bhutia comes with a nepali film "Letter"

With the promo and the posters of the latest Nepali film "Letter", i am sure the film making in Sikkim is going to have a major change in approach. This Nepali film about the mind disease called "split personality"  with  a flavor of suspense and mystery is all about to be released. Uttam Pradhan and Bishal Chamling is the lead actor while Annie Zimba will be making her film debut. The film is directed by Samten Bhutia who also has penned the story and its screenplay. It is to be noted that Samten Bhutia had earlier acted in short English film Myth, made in Sikkim.


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  2. i recently happen to see a new music video from sikkim tittle TIMRO MUSKAAN sung by ganesh it was a proud moment for me to see such music video made in sikkim the effort put by the director for the visuals was a treat to watch because its very rare to see such quality work this prove that sikkim is really growing in the world of entertainment now i am eager to watch the new movie LETTER


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