Monday, February 28, 2011

Bhanu Gurung and Milan Sharma creates musical magic at Basibiyalo

Chief Guest Chunnilal Ghimiray with Singers Bhanu Gurung and Milan Sharma

Singtam: Popular Singer and State Awardee Bhanu Gurung along with Swar Sikkim winner Milan Sharma created a magical atmosphere at Singtam Community Hall with their well-liked nepali songs from their recent Nepali Album ‘Astitwa’, the occasion was the 31st edition of the Singtam Basibiyalo.

Chief Guest Chunnilal Ghimiray honouring Remanti Rai (Singer) and Rabin Mukhiya (dancer)
The 31st edition of Singtam Basibiyalo was attended by noted personality from in and around Singtam those included Chunnilal Ghimiray (film director) was the Chief Guest on the occasion that also had presence of personalities from different fields that included Bhanu Gurung and Milan Sharma (singers), Bijendra Thapa (IInd Officer In Charge, Singtam PS), Ram Naresh Sharma and Anita Tamang (Singtam Nagar Panchayats), Suresh Pradhan (Lanco Co-ordinator), Praja Pradhan (actor), Pravin Pradhan (President SPARK NGO) and host of other popular personalities. Bijay and Seema Pradhan were given the responsibility of the “Gharpaatti” of today’s meet.

Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj”, the man behind the Singtam Basibiyalo taking to this reporter told that he is very happy with success of the programme and held it high that he wish to provide a platform and an opportunity to anyone who wants to show case their talents on stage. The motive behind which Basibiyalo was launch is giving us fruits told Pradhan. Today we have participants from places like Gangtok, West Pandam, Rongli, Namchi, Khamdong and other places of Sikkim, it shows that our hard work and determination did not go on waste., he further added.

Remanti Rai (Singing) and Rabin Mukhiya (dancing) the Sikkim State finalist of the North East Wave Competition at Guwahati were also honoured on the day along with Geeta Sharma, who had also participated on the North Eastern States musical competition. The other entertainment of the day included the first duet (hindi) song presentation at Basibiyalo by the singers Prakash Sundas and Sujata Chettri. Rabin Mukhiya went on to perform a contemporary dance from the Nepali song “Pokhaunu Sakinah” sung by Remanti Rai.

Gangaa Mukhiya, the local talent from Singtam also performed Nepali rock numbers from his Nepali album “Aakarshan”. Poetry recitation was performed on stage of the Singtam Community Hall by Mahesh Dahal, Yankee Tamang, Bipain Kaushik, Ketan Mangla and Ben Kumar Rai. The dancers to perform on the day included Diksha, Rabin Mukhia, Yankee Tamang, Bimal Rai and Arju Pariyar.

Singer Prakash Sundas performing at Singtam Basiyalo
Nangshel Sherpa and Ashim Pradhan, members of SPARK NGO said that it was one of the best Basibiyalo they had participated and with every performer giving their best; the atmosphere looked more like a competition of the highest level. Speaking on the occasion Chunnilal Ghimiray appreciated the work carried by the Singtam Basibiyalo toally and especially thanked Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj” for the invitation to witness such a musical extravanza. Ghimiray further wished best days for the Singtam Basibiyalo toally.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sikkim achieved second spot in the BoIB 2010 polls

Gangtok, February 21, 2011: A Sikkimese blog “Proud to be Sikkimese” has won the second spot at two separate categories of the Best of Indian Blogosphere (BoIB) 2010 polls. Proud to be Sikkimese, a blog that focuses on news and history of Sikkim State was nominated along with nine other blogs from Indian States under the category Arts & Hobby Blogs and Entertainment, News & Media for the final round. Online voting was conducted from January 22, 2010 till February 13th,2010 that resulted in the selection of top five winners.
“It is indeed a proud moment for me to achieve second spot in Best of Indian Blogosphere 2010 polls. My triumph is a tribute towards those personalities who had their roles in the history of Sikkim”, said blogger of Shital Pradhan.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Proud to be a Sikkimese: My passion for Sikkim

I had never thought that someday my passion about understanding Sikkim would have followers and well-wishers across the globe. Today I have friends who appreciate my small effort and thank me for helping them bring closer to a land called Sikkim and it’s really a pleasure to hear such words. Just before writing this article I had received an email from Volker from France wondering about my fascination for bringing out things about Sikkim no one ever had given a thought. I was looking for an information with him regarding a person named Robert Godet, a Frenchman who was a writer, photographer, an adventure lover and a family friend to the Royal family of Sikkim who had made several flights to Sikkim in his own small two seater airplane in the 50s, probably making him the first person to fly across the Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim.

There are several anecdotes and information related to Sikkim that had been less known to our people or might be forgotten in course of time and my passion lies in collecting that precious information and put them in my blog Proud to be a Sikkimese I am sure when people go through my blog they will certainly find many articles and rare old photographs of Sikkim that may amazed them.

I had once sent a request to a website administrator in United States to review my blog and this is what she (Kim) wrote about my blog. “…….One, often forgotten, advantage of blogging is that one gets to see some exotic places which we never knew ever existed. Sikkim is one such place in India. It’s the place which inspires, Shital Pradhan, to write his blog and he writes average more than one post a day. Now that’s what is called truly inspirational.

I just googled "Sikkim" and the images which showed up really made me sit-up in awe. No wonder it is the state that receives high percentage of tourism visiting India. And this blog is Encyclopedia (or Wikipedia) of Sikkim, a perfect blog on one's homeland, a place which we all love, but often forget to give its due.”  I am thankful for her encouraging words and I am sure this will give a boost and an honour that I am on way to create Encyclopedia of Sikkim.

Coming to my blog Proud to be a Sikkimese, these days I am working on few interesting topics which I am sure shall make an interesting read when it is completed. Just to give a hint….have anyone heard about HSI Sikkim that ran from Bombay to UK in 1918. Hospital Ship Sikkim was used for medical assessment to the soldiers injured at the First World War. HIS Sikkim was the world first River Hospital Ship. How about a horse named Sikkim that still hold a record in US Derby that she won in 60s. Interestingly the popularity of the Horse made it appear in an advertisement for Vim-Con horse vitamins.  There are many such stories in the fold and each story gives me a pleasure to go deeper to understand it.

Proud to be a Sikkimese had undergone many short expeditions trying to look for interesting and fascinating information around Sikkim. We found a tree with the girth of 52 feet; we met a man, who had seen a Yeti, we have visited different historic places like 200 years old house that should have found its name in Sikkim Heritage and many others.

Since last four years Proud to be a Sikkimese has been part of me and my passion for Sikkim has given me an identity as a writer, as a story hunter and above all I am happy people finds as inspiration on me when they go through my passion about my Sikkim. But I am happy to remain as a student of Sikkim and unravel its past. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where does this stair go.......?

Whenever i have crossed this huge rock near Rambi on my way to Siliguri, i have always wonder what is this stair on the rock all about....i wished to get through but have so far not able to get through it and another similar man made steps i located below the Coronation Bridge. This was exciting enough to give my curious heart a reason to smile. I have in my mind that one day i will find out what is it all about?

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sikkim Helicopter Post

It was an innovative idea of popularising Postal Department of North Bengal and Sikkim by Mr. John Samuel,  the then Chief PMG. Though this Sikkim Helicopter Post did not last long but it can be credited as an pioneering effort at the small state of Sikkim. The launch of the Sikkim Helicopter Post was carried at Helipad, near High Court, Gangtok. 

The Press Release then said :


India Post in association with Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation launched a facility to post letters on board the daily Helicopter flight connecting the nearest Airport in North Bengal, Bagdogra to Sikkim’s capital, Gangtok, on December 2, 2003.

The mail posted on board receives a special hand-stamped cachet. This privilege costs Rs50 per piece. The flight lasting 20 minutes, gives a view of the third highest mountain Kanchenjonga, Rumtek Monastery, and Gangtok Ridge and costs – Rs 600.

The mail posted on board on December 2, 2003 received an additional launch cachet.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

MG Marg on sketch

This picture send me an important message. We all praise the beautification of MG Marg of Gangtok but looking out at this sketch i did not see any new changes, we had repeated what it was it is said the earth is round and we tend to find that the start was the same at the end...