Friday, September 16, 2011

Posakay PS conducts Educational Excursion

RONGLI: SEPTEMBER 16: Posakay Primary School under Regu BAC (E) conducted two days educational excursion with the theme “Lets Know Our Sikkim” on September 10 and 11, 2011 at different places of Sikkim. On the first day the team of Posakay Primary School visited Rabdenchi, Khechepalri, and Singshore Bridge in West Sikkim and halted at Central Martam (W). On the second day the school groups visited religious sites that included Solophok (Chardham), Shirdi Sai Mandir and Samduptse. They also visited Timi Tea Garden while returning back to Posakay.  27 students from classes three, four and five along with 5 teachers and Headmaster Amrit Thakuri had accompanied in the educational tour.
The students visited and learned about different religious, historical and geographical regions of Sikkim and learned about their importance. According to the information received from Headmaster Amrit Thakuri, the students enjoyed the educational tour and were very pleased to visit those places that were part of their study.  
Amrit Thankuri, Headmaster of Posakay Primary School has thanked KN Pradhan and his family and Jeewan Kumar Chettri and his family for the arrangement of meal and comfortable stay at Hee Bazaar and Central Martam (W) on the first day of the two day tour.