Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Burtuk Youths welcomes SDF caretaker

 Send by D.T. Bhutia

       Date: 20.04.2013, Burtuk
"A resplendently new dawn of sort seems to begin with the ruling SDF Party fielding in of the socially dynamic and veteran legal luminary Shri D.R. Thapa as the caretaker of the Burtuk Constituency.
Today, hitherto seemingly shanty Burtuk area got abuzzed with a massive welcoming of the new incumbent by the Burtuk Youths & Women volunteers followed by door-to-door campaign covering even the remote fringes by the new youth leader Shri D.R.Thapa along with the Hon’ble Councillor Shri L.B. Bhujel escorted by a huge devoted followings of visibly energized Burtuk Youths & Women volunteers who got an unprecedented resounding popular response.
The much-inviting Burtuk people, at last, seem to have gotten their long-awaited leader as they flock with reverberating “Welcome SDF” sloganeering and garlanding and, of course, their ailing woes, in equal measures. The day-long mass campaign finally culminated with euphoric sloganeering and cheering by the throngs of supporters, at the future SDF Party office venue, Manbir Colony, Burtuk."

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