Wednesday, April 08, 2015

HCM scholarship selected student visits his former school

SINGTAM, APRIL 8: Prakash Gurung, a former student of Sakyong Chisopani JHS visited his old school today to meet his friends before heading for Dehradun.  Gurung, hailing from Chisopani, near Singtam had stood 8th among the 95 students selected for this year HCM scholarship. Gurung has been selected to study at The Aryan School at Dehradun,  Uttarakhand and will be leaving in a week time.
Prakash Gurung had started his schooling from Sakyong Chisopani JHS and was a student of the school till class ii when he left for Gyalshing. Mahesh Dahal, Headmaster of Sakyong Chisopani JHS congratulated Gurung and offered his a khada. He shared good wishes to Prakash Gurung on the behalf of the students and staff.
A small evening assembly was conducted in the school where Prakash Gurung was congratulated by other teachers too. Dahal appealed to the students to make Prakash Gurung an inspiration and work hard for the better prospect in days to come.  
Prakash Gurung, speaking on the occasion said, he was happy to meet his old friends and went on to say there is no short cut to success. He had worked hard in the studies and he is thankful towards the teachers of Gyalshing GSSS. He was in high praise for his tuition teacher for his success. He added, he used to wake up early in the morning at 4 am and start his study.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Rongli celebrates Hanuman Jayanti

SINGTAM, APRIL 4: Rongli Puja Committee had organised twenty-four non-stop Akhanda Harikirtan Ramayan Path at Rongli bazaar. The highlight of the two day long Hanuman Jayanti was the kalash yatra that was undertaken from river water collected near GREF Mandir to the puja ceremony pandal. Devotees from nearby regions of Dalapchand, Chujachen, Sisiney, Changeylakha, Rongli bazaar and others were present on the occasion. Bhajan and kirtan was held throughout the night as received in the information. Gajendra Rai was the chief guest on the occasion. Puja Committee members echoed that with such religious belief, peace and prosperity will prevail in the State.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Baghair Ishq" - a non filmy Gazaal by Danny Denzongpa

We all know about Agya Danny and his acting antics but this time around i won't write more....just listen to this gem.....simple magic!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday Bebay

Happy Belated Birthday Bebay.....

Yesterday i had gone to Lampokhari Tourism Festival and due to late night heavy thunderstorm and rain, the power was off. So i could not post my message on my blog....

Once more Happy Belated Birthday!!

For me you are still that small Bebay..i used to carry on and you shall remain the same. I love you...and my love for you shall always be there. I know you do have many things to say to me but bebay...a day will come where we shall exchange our words.....

It is just that u r not so far... yet u are far from me!!

love u aye


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Be our guest; return as a friend!!

I am a proud Sikkimese and whenever someone points out a finger to my Sikkim, it obviously hurts me.  Being blessed to be born in this serene land of Sikkim makes me more attached to the nature and its surroundings.
Since last seven years I had been blogging about Sikkim and sharing off my knowledge with the world. From my side, I am promoting my state and proving a point that a name called ‘Sikkim’ exists in a globe. Sikkim is a small and a young state….once an independent kingdom that later on became part of a mighty Indian Union.
Since last ten years, we (off our own) have been emerging…well growing in different sectors like tourism, education and others. Our state’s growth in the last one decade can be compared with any places in the world. We were in high spirits that global travel guide ‘Lonely Planet’ had named our state as the "best region to visit in 2014”. It was in-fact a matter of pride for us.
Few days back, a writer publishes an article ‘North Bengal, Sikkim & Manas National Park’ in different bird sites about his trip report. It was a well written family field trip and in places it was interesting, but I am sorry to say I found few sentences about Sikkim that could had been written in a better way.
Before going through his words, let me say about few things that make our Sikkim different from others. We are the first Indian state to outline an eco-tourism policy that helped in the development of the village tourism. Sikkim is the first state in India to make laws for conservation of forest and wild life. Ten minutes to Earth is a unique and pioneering initiative in the world. Sikkim has the highest road density in the country. Our state is encouraging adventure tourism in a larger scale and people are being individually self dependent. In Sikkim, tourism is trade and trade here means providing employment.
Well, the article reads the writer was on his first visit to Sikkim and he finds three districts in Sikkim. To the readers outside Sikkim, I would like to share that Sikkim has four districts. Since the state has sensitive borders with China, most of the areas are restricted to foreigners and others need official permit. Visitors can enter Sikkim through Rangpo and Melli but not without authorized letters, so beware of being caught.
I strongly advise the tourist to avoid what he writes, ‘Most tour operators will take clients to West Sikkim as it does not require a second permit and cars from West Bengal are allowed in too’.  In the past, it has happened that a foreign visitor was politely returned from Sikkim as he did not had a proper permit that too in West Sikkim. He had illegally entered through West Bengal route.

Birding is one such field in Sikkim that is closely gaining popularity with each passing days. About Kitam Bird Sanctuary, he writes  ...’This is the only bird sanctuary in Sikkim and its website promises much. However, the planted forest looks very unsuitable for birds. I believe the declaration of Kitam as a bird sanctuary was more politically motivated than actually a suitable place for birds and the only bird we saw after an hour was Red Junglefowl’.
Kitam Bird Sanctuary is first of its kind when it comes of birding in Sikkim and within couple of years we will have few more bird sanctuary in our state. I am just a year old in understanding birds. Whatsoever I have learned I believe those shy souls does take their own moments to play hide and seek in the greenery.
If you are in Kitam and want to catch the best birding experience, you should be here during September-October and April-May. Don’t expect those feathered beauties to spread their magic in winters.  
The planted forest as lines reads seems funny. With a forest area of 47.3 percent of the total geographical area; Sikkim is India's greenest state. Forest is our treasure and we are into preservation and not politically motivated. We are just spreading green messages!!
I am sure whatever nationality we belong whether German or British, whether a Goan or a Gujarati, we all love our place and acknowledge good hospitality to anyone who visit us. When we write in an internet, there are millions of people reading and watching it. A silly mistake can make a negative impact.
We, Sikkimese people are peace loving and we would like to share our world with others. 

Visit Sikkim- be our guest; return as a friend!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sikkim wins top three awards at North East Prag Cine Award

Sikkim’s Film “Anmol Tshan-A Christmas in September” produced by Kishor Dungmali Rai had won the 3 Awards which includes NE Best Feature Film, NE Best Actor (Female) and NE Best Actor (Male) in North East Prag Cine Award 2015 held at Dibrugarh, Assam. NE Best Actor (Female) Sneha Rai, a product of TNA and Mount Hermon School is a debutant actor, received huge round of applause from the jury for her act. Her performances were already applauded by viewers of Sikkim and South Asian Countries during the premiere show of the movie.  Likewise NE Best Actor (Male) Shalom Kabo a famous actor from the hills who hails from Kalimpong also got huge appreciation. Kabo had already bagful of hit films viz. Naya Goreto, Baardan and many more and widely known in different countries among Nepali speaking communities. Anmol Gurung had directed and scripted this film. 
Producer Kishor Dungmali Rai after receiving the NE Best Film Award told that “every film which I make, I give platforms to new talents of the hills and my intention is to promote Sikkim tourism market through the movies and movie will screen soon in the theaters of Gangtok for daily shows. Marketing and Publicity Head of the Film Suresh K. Lama and Co-Producer of the film Radha Thapa Dungmali were also there among other awardees during the event representing Sikkim.
Noted Assamese actor Bishnu Kharghoria was honored with lifetime achievement award for his contribution towards the Assamese film industry. Assamese Film “North Bank” won the Best Assamese Film and Assamese films “Othello” and “Ahetuk” won most of the awards among 29 Categories.
In a bid to promote Assamese and North East cinema and highlight its 80-year old legacy, Prag Network had organised the North East Prag Cine Award on March 21 and 22 in Dibrugarh.
The Prag Cine Award was instituted in the year 2003 to inspire people associated with Assamese cinema. The award recognizes and honours the best talents of Assamese and North East film industry in different segments. A jury comprising distinguished personalities associated with the field selects the winners of the award.
Bollyhood Celebrities Neha Dhupia, Gulsun Grover along with Adil Hussain, Zubeen Garg, Papon and other eminent artistes of Assamese film indasustry graced the award ceremony. Dance and singing performances by various artist of Assamese Cinema had enthralled the audience with their performances.

Friday, March 20, 2015

World Sparrow Day observed at Sakyong Chisopani JHS

SINGTAM, MARCH 20:   For the second successive year, Sakyong Chisopani JHS observed the World Sparrow Day at its school today. In a small function held in a class room, a photo exhibition of birds clicked by Shital Pradhan, teacher, Sakyong Chisopani JHS around the Chisopani locality was also organised. Teachers and students of the school were present on the occasion.
A short workshop about the conservation of birds was also held. Shital Pradhan and Monu Hang Khewa, GT (Bio) was the resource person of the day. Monu Hang Khewa in his word told the students that the whole world is in caring sparrows and we too should come together for the support. It might not be too late that we might see these beautiful creatures in photographs in coming days. This does not mean we have to protect sparrows only, for us every bird whether big or small is special and we need to provide them an equal chance to survive, added Khewa.
Shital Pradhan, Primary Teacher of the school, demonstrated the importance of birds in human society. Pradhan went on to talk about the role of birds in agricultures, biodiversity, education, environmental awareness and others. He further spoked about the possibility of bird watching in the area.
The students too participated in the inter-exchange program where they gave the vernacular names of the birds that were displayed in the photographs. It was also mentioned that more than eleven students had submitted their catapults to the school in the last year World Sparrow Day, where they had vowed never to use it again.