Thursday, June 11, 2009

10,000 pigeon's death at Singtam is a false report.

I was going through the internet news about the diseased death of 10,000 pigeons at Singtam which is not at all correct. So far no exact data had been collected but as i had been following the death of these birds, according to me the death of these pigeons are below 4000. The mysterious death of the pigeons at Singtam Bazaar had started since early May and over the month the death of these avian had not stopped. Each day around 30-40 pigeons die.

A dead pigeon lying in drainage

Today i was at bazaar late evening and found more than twenty pigeons that was lying dead on different corners and more than a dozen more in pity condition. These pigeons are being prey to small flies. Those flies carries infectious disease that results in loss of feathers on neck and on body and skin inflammation. These parasitic flies are seen through the naked eyes lying inside the feathers and around neck feather.

A diseased pigeon found near Food Office

The people of Singtam fear that the outbreak of the deaths of the pigeon family might have something more serious to be prepared. Few days back it had been heard that on separate locations of Singtam Bazaar, a cat and a dog had died after eating the flesh of the dead pigeon. But the biggest mystery of these deaths, apart from few death of pigeons at Shantinagar, no other places near Singtam Bazaar have any report on the death of the avian.

A dead pigeon lying in drainage