Friday, October 30, 2009

Take a photo of Lingtam Pani Ghatta....just for Rs 50!!

I am sure people around have heard about the Lingtam Pani Ghatta, traditional water mill used for grinding flour. I was at this house a few minute ride in a vehicle from Lingtam bazaar. The owner of this pani ghatta an old lady was not happy on my un invited approach to her house.

Instead she asked me 50 rupees as a "pass" to click the photographs of her pani ghatta. She was not interested in people coming to her house just to click the photgraphs. She was to be paid to have her photograph clicked along with the ghatta and she asked me Rs 100 for that. 

It was really a sad affair to hear from her close ones, with her business not enough to sustain her family's life she finds harassed when people visits her just to know about the seven decade old historical water mill run by wooden turbines.

This Lingtam Pani Ghatta is probably the oldest running flour mill and i would wish State Government should come up and preserve this from ending it up. Why not promote this as a eco-friendly means of using natural source in proper way ?