Thursday, October 14, 2010

An UFO behind an aeroplane photographed at Delhi on October 7th, 2010

You can see the black spot at the tail of the aeroplane
I recently had a Delhi tour and had clicked many photographs of the places and one thing that wondered me the most was the frequent movement of an aeroplanes in and around the sky. I had taken many random shot of the aeroplanes and while checking out every photographs to my surprise in one of the photograph i came across an object hanging on the sky just to the tail of an aeroplane. I do not know what was that so i tried many things like increasing and decreasing the colour, brightness of the photograph and i could faintly see some circular object. Is that UFO? The photograph was clicked on October 7, 2010 from the terrace of a building at Vasant Kunj at around 10 am in the morning.

This is the increased and darkened photograph of the back side of the aeroplane