Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Awareness program on Dengue held at Chsopani JHS

SINGTAM, AUGUST 10:  An awareness program on Dengue for the student’s guardians was held today at Chisopani JHS. Moe than 30 parents was present on the occasion that was attended by Mahesh Kr. Dahal, Headmaster of the school and his staff. Symptoms and preventive measures related to dengue were explained to the guardians.
Mahesh Kr. Dahal, Headmaster of Chisonai JHS in his welcome speech informed the gathered parents of the immediate and essential message sharing session about Dengue virus. Dahal went on to say the Dengue Virus is spreading to our nearby regions and we need to understand and share the message of getting prevented from this contagious disease.
Shital Pradhan, Primary Teacher of the school was the resource person of the occasion; Pradhan explained female Aedes aegypti is responsible for the spread of Dengue illness. Pains on muscles and joints, fever, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, rashes on the body, bleeding from nose and gums are the symptoms of dengu were explained. He added people can identify this particular mosquito with its black and white stripes on its body. It was further told such mosquito bite its victims preferably at the time of sunrise and sunset. Removal of stagnant water is the best way to prevent this disease was informed.
An interaction session between guardians and school teachers was also held. The guardians appreciated the imitative taken by the school in organizing such programme that would encourage everybody to remain safe from the dengue disease.  

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