Friday, August 03, 2007


HKD, August 3: After border differences over Arunachal Pradesh with India, China is again talking tough with India. This time over Indian bunkers along the Sikkim border.
The bone of contention are two bunkers in Dokala area of Sikkim, which intelligence sources say Beijing has now demanded that they be removed. The two bunkers are said to be the Sino-Indian border close to the tri-junction of Sikkim, West Bengal and Bhutan.
But as per the defence sources, the confusion over whether Indian bunkers are on Chinese territory has arisen due to a 'difference in perception' about the Actual Line of Control'. The bunkers are located in Dokala, on the Sikkim Bhutan border. The Chinese Premier's visit in 2005, had the then Premier Wen Jiabao, accepting that Sikkim was an intergral part of India. In fact the Premier had gone on to say that "This is no longer an Indo-China relations issue," in reference to the Sikkim border issue.
The new dispute in Sikkim comes in the wake of exchange of words between Beijing and New Delhi over the presence of Chinese troops in the Tawang area, which India claims is an intergral part of Arunachal Pradesh.