Saturday, April 25, 2009

When The Great Khali came to Sikkim.....

I still remember it was in early 90s when The Great Khali then he was only Dilip Singh visited Gangtok, and i believe i have that newspaper from Sikkim Express that carried an article on this giant man on their front page but in the racks of over thousand newspaper in my collection, it is somewhere hidden. There were talks then how he was carried inside the van with the second seat of the van being removed and replaced with smaller muurah (local sitting item). We were still in the final years of the schooling session and we too rushed to watch him at Developmental Area, where he was at one of the hotel.
Source: Satya Prakash

Last week when i was crossing over one of the eateries at Tadong, i came across a frame being hanged on the wall where it was written " The Great Khali at Gangtok", i just clicked the pic for myself. More than a decade latter we never knew that giant personality would rock the WWE arena and make name for himself in the world of entertainment sports. But for me at least the mere thought that he came to Sikkim and his fantasy over his journey as a local tourist fascinates me.