Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sikkim’s antique Generator and Turbine needs a place in history

From Sikkim Express

Energy and Power Department
Government Of Sikkim.

An old Turbine and generator is kept in the Diesel Power House in Gangtok under the energy and Power Department. The Turbine in question pertains to the old Power House at Ranikhola which was build in the year 1932. This was considered the first and one of the oldest Power Houses under the state power Department during those days when Sikkim PWD and power department were considered as one Department.

This Generator’s capacity was 50 KW, manufactured by English Motor Electric Co England. It may be mentioned here that the power generated from this Power House use to be transmitted by the ways of 3.3kv line to serve the entire town as well the Royal Palace.

The old Darjeeling toy train of narrow gauge has been given due recognition from UNCESO as a world heritage site. Similarly, if the State Government, especially the Power Department, is interested, it can also provide a befitting resting place for the old generator and showcase it as a part of Sikkim’s developmental history. What is needed here is a sort of museum/exhibition stall to keep this piece of history. It would be a great tourist attraction as well as research material for students.