Sunday, October 18, 2009

Handwritten Sikkim Herald issue you never knew about....

Sikkim Herald is the official newsweekly of the Government of Sikkim published by the Department of Information and Public Relations has been a regular feature of the State ever since its inception in the early 1956. Sikkim Herald comes out in thirteen different state languages, viz. English, Nepali, Newar, Lepcha, Gurung, Limbu, Tamang, Sunwar, Manger, Sherpa, Bhutia, Rai and Tibetan and printed at Goverment Printing press of Gangtok.

In his self made museum of Ganesh Pradhan at Rhenock, i came across two issues of Sikkim Herald that really pulled off my fantasy. The first issue published in 1959 was a rare, i got to hear from him that even the IPR Department is looking after. He is really proud of it and showed me with a distinct pride.

Another rare copy of his Sikkim Herald issues include the one from 1969 that was handwritten, it is more than fascinating who did it and why was it required to be handwritten...

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