Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maharani Brings Home The Baby



Full title reads: "New York. Maharani Brings Home The Baby".

New York, United States of America (USA).

LV The Maharani of Sikkim (Miss Hope Cooke) comes down from aircraft with the Crown Prince and her six month old baby Prince. CU The Maharani. CU The six month old baby.

GV Palace in Sikkim. SV The Maharani and Maharaja just before their marriage. CU The Maharani. CU The Maharaja. GV Crowds gathered for the wedding. SV The Maharani and the Maharaja seated for the ceremony. LV The scarf is put round the Maharani's neck. CU The Maharani.

LV The Maharani carrying her baby comes from the airport building. CU SV The Maharani and baby.